What is Better than Free Shipping These Days?

November 29, 2014Allison Murray
Get free shipping at freeshipping.com plus rebates for money back on your purchases.

Get free shipping at freeshipping.com plus rebates for money back on your purchases.

Because I am isolated as I so often complain about I do a lot of shopping online. Like a ton. Unless it is something I need stupid quickly and save my once a week trip into ‘town’, I try to buy  as much as I can online. BUT, and this is a big but, I have a serious problem with paying shipping.


I don’t know why and I know it is ridiculously stupid because it costs money to send stuff, right? But sometimes whether it’s fair or not, I feel like the shipping can be way too high. It’s been enough to totally put me off of shopping online except for a few places. That’s kind of like only ordering a few things when you go to any place to eat. It gets boring.

Granted the vast majority of my shopping is done at Amazon and through Prime, I’ll sometimes spy a super cute pair of boots and click through to find out they want $12 to ship them and the whole thing deflates pretty quickly. Do you do that? Find the perfect thing, toss it into that virtual shopping cart only to abandon it once you realize the want more than the thing is worth to ship it to you? There are carts all over the internet wondering if I’m coming back. And guess what? I’m not with those kinds of shipping prices.

So a website with a URL like freeshipping.com is going to get my attention. Because there may be a gazillion things to buy at Amazon all with free shipping, but I’m girl and I like to shop just about everywhere. I get into this thing and get my account all set up and I tell myself, no I swear to myself, I won’t buy anything today. Christmas is coming up and I can use the heck out of this amazing service when I start buying gifts. But there is no way I am going to buy anything for myself or my home this close to the most financially draining holiday that ever existed. And then something beautiful and terrible happened at the same time.

Get free shipping at freeshipping.com plus rebates for money back on your purchases.

Let’s get a few things clear about why this was amazing and devastating at the same time… On a high school trip to Washington D.C.I went to The Body Shop for the first time ever in Georgetown. It was instantaneous love and I think I spent half, if not more, of my spending cash there. Who needs snacks or cokes while I’m here? I can wait until I get home to eat!

And as I’ve grown older, my love has only gotten stronger and I have my go to products that I love. Specifically banana shampoo and conditioner.

Get free shipping at freeshipping.com plus rebates for money back on your purchases.

This summer when I got my hair cut the girl that does the washes kept on going on about how soft my hair was. And it was because my banana shampoo and conditioner from TBS is amazing. And guess what? I left it at my parent’s house and it was my last set meant to get me through the year!!!

You see I ONLY buy from The Body Shop once a year, right after Christmas and I buy up everything I need to get me through that entire year. But last time they didn’t have enough of the shampoo and conditioner in stock for my typical order. So I got what I could and was happy with it and tried to make it last. And then I left it an 8 hour drive away!

So when I saw that The Body Shop had a significant savings, plus a rebate of 10% on my purchase, plus free shipping I was ready to get my card out and do some damage. And in a few short days my hair will be returning to its lusciously soft and fab smelling state. And the big reason why I went ahead and did this was for the free shipping with no minimum. If it hadn’t been for that discount those shipping costs would have firmly pushed me into the, I’ll wait another month category. But since I saved so much, I went ahead and got a few extra things while I was in there.

I’ve decided that this is super awesome for me because in an effort to save money and not pay shipping fees, I so often overspend to reach that “free shipping threshold”. You know what I mean! You’ve got $32 and if you spend only $18 more you’ll get free shipping. The shipping may only be $5 but that five buckaroos is basically going to nothing. If you spend just $13 more you’ll basically be getting $5 of stuff for free, right? Erm.

I’m going to get to the point of babbling pretty soon so let’s bullet point this baby and wrap this up:

  • You get 10% cash back on your purchases.
  • Black Friday through December 1, you can get 20% cash back if you shop at certain shops including, Walmart, Children’s Place, Gap and Nordstrom.
  • Every 3 months you get a check in the mail with your savings from your freeshipping.com purchases.
  • You can get free shipping.
  • You can get free returns.
  • Price Protection that pays members the difference in price if they purchase an item and find it advertised for less within 90 days
  • You get access to special freeshipping.com members only discount codes.
  • You can search for items right through freeshipping.com – for instance you can search for riding boots for all of their retailers and pare it down by price, brand all sorts of good stuff.
  • Use the coupon code: HOLIDAY2014 to get a free 30 day trial (perfect for Christmas shopping, yay!).
  • The coupon code will also give you a special Clever Girls discount for membership at $9.95 a month.

So with Christmas coming up, go ahead and take that free 30 day trial from freeshipping.com for a test run with the code HOLIDAY2014. You can shop at a lot more places online with free shipping, avoid the hustle and bustle at the mall and get cash back for everything you buy. It’s all a win in my book!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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