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August 25, 2015Allison Murray
Make back to school simpler with the help of State Fair!

Make back to school simpler with the help of State Fair!

Back to school is very stressful. You’ve got the new school supply rush where you scratch your head wondering just why one kid could possibly need 3 boxes of colored pencils. Or 6 jumbo glue sticks. Or 4 packages of red pens. I mean, how many answers are these kids getting wrong that the teacher needs 4 PACKAGES of red pens to grade papers with? Or are the public schools hoarding supplies like these doomsday preppers? Even in a zombie apocalypse class WILL NOT be canceled and all those red pens are going to be imperative! :)

After spending at least $75 on supplies PER kid there is the task of back to school clothes. If you’re lucky your kiddos go to a school with uniforms because shopping around for new school clothes the thing I kept noticing was how much cheaper those parents get off! Some polos and khakis and a few pairs of shoes and that’s that.

Make back to school simpler with the help of Jimmy Dean!


Instead we had to buy shorts and jeans and hoodies and tee shirts with the cool characters on them. And instead of arguing with the kids about how they don’t really need $80 tennis shoes you eventually give in even though you have already informed them, no you will not be able to run faster and jump higher. Sorry kid.

After the hubbub of getting to school is over with there’s a whole new series of issues…  This year the bus is running 5 minutes early which means  a better chance of two little boys not getting to the curb on time. Ugh. If you’re a drop off parent then you get to sit for what seems like days waiting in a line of a bazillion cars so the teacher up by the door can open up the car and usher the children inside. One. Car. At. A. Time. That’s a double ugh.

Make back to school simpler with the help of State Fair!

Since the boys are now 8 and 10 they’re to the point where they are pretty self sufficient. They rock that microwave like nothing you’ve ever seen and can make their own breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks if things are busy and they need to.

Make back to school simpler with the help of State Fair!

To keep things running smoothly it’s a good idea to have foods already on hand that the kiddos love and can cook up for themselves. I don’t care what you think but a kid cannot live on sandwiches alone. Or I guess they can but there is going to be a heck of a lot of complaining and since I love variety I can’t blame them one bit.

Make back to school simpler with the help of Jimmy Dean!

We ran out to Walmart and picked up a box of Jimmy Dean® sausage, egg and cheese croissant sandwiches for both quick breakfasts and snacks. We love breakfast for dinner and can gobble up some sausage and eggs any time of the day! Because kids really need a good breakfast so they can wrap their head around learning school mornings instead of worrying about those embarrassing stomach growls. You know what I’m talking about. I have no clue why that makes us so embarrassed but is sure as heck is especially mortifying as a kid.

Make back to school simpler with the help of State Fair!

While we were there we also snapped up some State Fair® Classic Corn Dogs because this family digs some corn dogs. Case in point on the first date of a relationship that lasted for years in college when asked what my favorite food was I quickly answered “corn dogs” much to the chagrin of my best friend! Apparently on a first date you’re supposed to pretend to like steak tartar or something equally fancy, but not as good tasting!

Make back to school simpler with the help of Jimmy Dean!

Since the kids use the microwave on their own and the side by side fridge means even the shortest of kid’s can grab what they want breakfast and lunch are totally taken care of. And since Walmart always has two of our favorite goodies and at an awesome price the freezer is always stocked State Fair® and  Jimmy Dean®. That makes the kids happy because they can get the good stuff and makes the adults happy because you can provide good food while staying in the family’s grocery budget. And if a few more kids just so happen to hop off of that bus at 4:00 we can afford to feed them too!

Make back to school simpler with the help of State Fair!

And now a quick list of tips to keep the school grind running smoothly:

  • Check on homework around dinner to ensure that anything undone can get taken care of before bedtime. Or even worse, the dreaded “I forgot to do my math homework” while getting dressed at 6 in the morning.
  • Go with the kid’s favorite colors when picking up clothing. Don’t stray too far from a color palette that they dig so they can easily match up their own clothes and look good at the same time. Pippi Longstocking style is not currently in.
  • Stock up the freezer with foods the kids love and can cook for themselves, the pantry with quick, healthy snacks and lots of fruit and veggies in the fridge. You can shop at Walmart to get a ton of bang for your buck.
  • And be sure to have some extra sandwiches and corn dogs for when you’re surprised by a whole gaggle of kids coming through that front door… because we all know that happens!
  • Head to Walmart to pick up your #fuelforschool and all of the little things that pop up during the school year to find great values and save big!

Now tell me, what are your back to school tips?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Jimmy Dean®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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