The Best Tie Dye Ever for Amazing Hobo Bags

August 26, 2014Allison Murray
Get the brightest colors ever with the best tie dye ever, the Artisan kit!

Get the brightest colors ever with the best tie dye ever, the Artisan kit!

There are a few things about me that always has been and always will be and probably the biggest is my love for tie dye. It’s like a big time thing that my Momma used to do with my sister and me. She’d sew two white tee shirts together to make a dress and we’d give it some color by tie dyeing it! In high school my dad got me a tie dyed tee from a van off of the side of the road I still wear to this day even though it has a hole or two (it’s so soft, and I’m as bad as a man about refusing to give it up).

When I started getting my crafty back I got back into tie dyeing hardcore. My entire clothesline would be covered with tie dyed tees and socks and anything I could get my hands on. At one point the vast majority of the shirts I wore were tie dyed and I’d often get asked where I got mine and if I would be interested in selling one. It was pretty awesome and happened a lot in bathrooms of restaurants for some reason.

Get the brightest colors ever with the best tie dye ever, the Artisan kit!

I’d go to the store and buy up a mess of Tulip Tie Dye kits and watch for tees and union suits and whatever else to go on sale and stock the heck up. One of the more exciting things to happen with the whole tie dyeing thing was right around when I started this blog… I met the guy who used to tour with The Grateful Dead and make their tie dyes. This guy was so talented and so cool! The colors in his dyes were so bright and brilliant and he told me you’ve gotta go with pro dyes to get that kind of action.

And so I was super stoked when the good peeps and iLoveToCreate asked me to check out their Artisan Tie Dye Kit. It’s their newish pro seies and I have to be honest. As soon as I had these bags hanging on the line I was emailing them asking them to send me more kits and begging for more colors :)

So head on over to iLoveToCreate and check out this awesome Artisan dye and see how to make some crazy bright tie dyed hobo bags!

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