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May 27, 2015Allison Murray

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sterling. All opinions are 100% mine.


Ever watch those house buying shows on TV? If you haven’t heard it anywhere else, you must have heard it here, bathrooms and kitchens sell houses. And why exactly is that? They’re both frequently used rooms by everybody in the house and by almost every guest that crosses your threshold. And you want to put your best foot forward with these rooms being as gorgeous as can be.

And I totally get it. My house is going to go on the market in mere weeks and I’ll be moving states the moment it is sold. But to prepare some fancying up had to be done. The basics have been done, repainting all of the walls and woodwork, new carpet but my dad (who is heading this renovation to sell project) thought new bathrooms would really sell this sucker quickly.


My bathrooms before were awful. Just terrible. And now that the bathroom is so fresh and so clean with all new everything… I almost don’t want to move. This experience has taught me how true it holds that nice kitchens and baths are great motivation to live in a home.

And while my bathroom makeover is pretty well complete to sell, I’m looking forward to buying a home that is in livable but not perfect condition to make my own all over again. And I already have ideas of what I want…

There needs to be a big vanity where I can sprawl and maybe even 2 sinks to make mornings a bit easier. I also want an enclosure over the tub and that’s where I’m really interested in the Sterling shower doors with ComforTrack technology.


This flexible track is different from the ones I experienced as a kid. There was this awful metal piece with a ridge right in the middle that meant you had to very primly perch on the edge of the tub because if not, wow, that hurt. So having a comfortable track and being able to sit and still have the door instead of a shower curtain is pretty freaking money if you ask me.

And the neat freak in me is glad that the track would be easy to clean, too. Because gunk in nooks and crannies drives me absolutely nuts. Just ask my washing machine who gets to meet a dozen cotton swabs for a deep cleaning every now and again.

Last of all, it would make washing my Ollie so much easier. This dog loves to roll around in junk. Just absolutely awful junk and giving him a bath is no fun. First off he doesn’t seem to like it much and secondly he’s 60 pounds of puppy. So when he decides it’s time to rip out of the tub (which happens a good 3-4 times per bath) I have no choice but to watch him fly out sending water everywhere and then haul his big butt back in there. If you’re wondering I get just as soaked as he does for an Ollie bath :) So a Sterling shower or tub door in my upcoming new home is just the ticket!

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