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May 17, 2014Allison Murray

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of GoDaddy for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Though I don't talk tons about it I actually have been a small business owner since 2004. My goal when I was in college was to one day be able to work from home. Everything I studied and the careers I considered all were working toward that end goal.

And in one class it was mentioned that I should look into majoring in graphic design as I seemed to have a natural knack for it. And so the next semester I enrolled in some courses and it was SO easy! It almost felt like wasn't fair to be taking these courses because it didn't feel like college the way zoology did to me :)


While in school I got my first graphic design job… removing the backgrounds of photographs used on an online store that my boyfriend at the time, a proper web coder and site builder, was able to snag for me. It was not a whole lot of fun but it was money coming in and it meant that I was no longer hauling plants around at the nursery or picking up after rude people in the dressing rooms at my previous employment. Being able, for the first time, to sit at my dining table at home on my little used teal Mac (remember those! :) and bring in money was so awesome. This was definitely the RIGHT decision for me.

And then real life kicked in and I had to get a proper job sitting at a desk in an office building. Bleh. But this was also a part of the plan so it was totally expected. I worked hard and I tried to situate myselt into being able to be self employed. When I was cut back to part-time at my job it seemed the proper time to form my LLC and get to work building a clientelle. When I was laid off completely, it was hard at first but I was able to bring in the mortgage payment within not too long. I was officially on my way!

But the thing no one tells you about being self employed (besides how awful tax season suddenly becomes but maybe we'll talk about that another day!) is that you become your own computer professional. Yep, I am my own IT department and my IT department really sucks.

I'm no computer dummy, by any means, but sometimes I'd forget to enable automatic updates for programs, would have to buy a new computer and realize that half of my programs used on a daily basis were not compatible. And considering that there were always problems where hardware would fail or a desktop would get sick with some nasty virus I just couldn't understand I realized that I had way too much on my plate.

And to be honest, when I first heard about Office 365 from GoDaddy I didn't have a stinking clue on what it was or why I would want to use it. Until I did. 

And I'm going to be totally honest here. I haven't been using Office products for a while now. The last big computer crash I purchased a new computer with Windows 8 (which I love) but the vast majority of my programs does NOT love. And I just got irritated with having to purchase things over and over again and I was all NEVERMIND! I can do it without you MICROSOFT!

And I did. For about a year and it worked out OKAY but it wasn't exactly what I'd call convenient. Lots of online converting of this file to that file so people who weren't so cheap could actually access the stuff they had asked from me. 

So in actually USING Office 365 I realized just how much I MISSED having access to these programs. And even more awesome, since the whole thing is online I don't have to worry about if this is compatible with that or if an update is going to make my computer not turn on (that happened to me just weeks ago and it was AWFUL!) 

Extra super bonus points that I can acesss my stuff from anywhere I have an internet connection! And since I've been on vacation for the last 10 days it's been great having access to everything so easily. Because, as the pictures show, I really can and do work from anywhere!

And I previously mentioned just how badly my computer maintiaining skills are and I'm going to tell you straight up that the customer service is spot freaking on. Because of my absolute lack of skills in this department I didn't know what to do or how to go about it. I read the directions and I was pretty darn sure I followed them to a tee but for some reasons things just weren't working out. I got in touch with customer service who figured out EXACTLY what went wrong, did what they could from their end to fix it and gave me the info to take care of what I needed to. Things were up and running within an hour. I was SO pleased with the customer service!


And since I love Office 365 by GoDaddy so much, I'm giving away 1 full year of Office 365 GoDaddy Business Essentials and the registration of one DOT com, net or org domain! Just answer me this… Are you a small business owner? How do you think Office 365 will most help your business?


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