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July 15, 2015Elena aka. Midsommarflicka

Hello hello!
I’m in a really good mood right now and that’s probably because I’ll be going on vacation sooooon. I’m also a little bit excited. I’ll be travelluing with friends from university and we’ll all leave the university-stuff at home. Thesis can wait!

So, to infect you with my beach vibes I collected all kinds of fun projects you could need for a day at the beach! (Also, I’m just ignoring that the weather forecast says we will have rain … I’ll be sitting at the beach, no matter what!)


(please remember to pin the individual projects from their original source, thanks!)

These DIY shell hair pins are really cute. And also they are working with my short hair, which makes them even better! (By the way, here’s a post on how to clean the shells!)


Something that you really need at the beach (in contrast to the hait pins above) is a towel. And probably also a beach bag. So why not combine both? Make The Sunbathing Companion!


Or a pocketed beach towel!


Okay, enough with the practical stuff. Coming back to our beautiful hair…
Here’s how to make your own Sea Salt Beach Spray! For all you poor people who can’t be at the beach. And me, thanks to the bad weather :(


Another think that’s as cute as practical? A beach dress made from a big scarf.

beach-dressAnd if you have another scarf left over: Make a kimono!

And what to wear under these dresses and kimonos? Well, the bikini of course. And if that one’s already old and a bit saggy but so very loved? Here’s a nifty update!


And can I pretty please get such a beach tent? I love the look of them!


And then I’d like a Vodka Lemonade Juice Pouch while sitting there unter my tent…


Talk to you soon again!
And let me know if you have any other fun beach DIYs I should next week when I’m there on vacation?!


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