Balloon Animal Necklace

April 26, 2015RaChil Luke

There is something about balloons in general but balloon animals in specific, that just instantly bring a smile to my face. Growing up one of my aunts worked at a balloon company and used to bring me bags of samples and things like discontinued balloons. Did you know you can make a mattress out of balloons? You can! With slightly thicker balloons and a sleeping bag or two, but I digress. Balloons make me happy and that is what inspired today’s bright colorful tutorial!
Balloon Animal Necklace

Balloon Animal NecklaceSupplies:

  • Sculpey
  • Clay Extruder
  • Sculpey Glue
  • Razor or X-acto knife
  • Necklace (or make your own)
  • Eye pin
  • Jump ring
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint Brush
  • Clay-safe surface

Step 1: Condition your clay (roll it around/make it soft and pliable). Choose this round hole option disk for your extruder.

Balloon Animal Necklace

Put your clay in the extruder and make a foot or so of this coil/snake shape.

Balloon Animal Necklace

Step 2: This step is a little picture heavy. When working with clay I sometimes find it easier to show rather than tell.

Balloon Animal Necklace

Balloon Animal Necklace

Balloon Animal Necklace

Step 3: Bend the eye on your eye pin at a 45º angle. Apply some glue to the shaft and pierce through the back of the neck of your balloon animal.

Balloon Animal Necklace

Step 4: Bake your little clay balloon on its side for about 15 min. at the recommended temperature.

Step 5: When it cools down after baking, give it a few coats of mod podge to make it appear shiny like an actual balloon.
Balloon Animal Necklace

Step 6: Attach jump ring to the eye pin and slide the charm on your chain for an adorably fun necklace.
Balloon Animal Necklace

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