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August 11, 2015Allison Murray

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I always loved school. My friends were there and I actually liked to learn things. Perhaps this isn’t the usual way of thinking for a kid but luckily my nephews seem to be pretty excited about the upcoming new school year, too. They aren’t quite into the new clothes or bags like I was (I had a killer Kipling backpack my sophomore year!). They’re more into the friends and learning thing and that is cool.

The oldest is super organized. He LOVES having his act together and many years ago he noticed my calendar I had made out of an old picture frame. He loved that I could use a dry erase marker for a new month constantly without messing up pieces of paper. Like me, and about half of our family, he has to start over with a new page if he makes a mistake.



For example, I was making a list and then Rob drew a sketch at the top and then apologized because he suddenly realized that I’d have to write the whole thing again. It’s an OCD thing.

I’ve wanted to make him something similar but I ran into the issue of not wanting him to have something glass to potentially break and get hurt with. Hanging on the wall is one thing but if it needs to come down for him to change things up that leaves a lot of room for an accident. So this year, to celebrate the fifth grade which is far busier and more hectic he now has his own school calendar board.

Preparing for a trip up to see the boys Momma and I loaded up to Walmart and grabbed all sorts of goodies to carry with us. While I was there I went ahead and snagged a Scotch® Tape Dispenser with 1 Roll of Tape 3/4 in x 350 Mixed case colors even though I stood there for ever and ever trying to  decide that I stacked them and stared. And people looked at me. In the end I chose white because it is simple!


He and his brother tried it out and so far, it’s going pretty well!


For this project you will need:

  • Scotch® Tape Dispenser with 1 Roll of Tape 3/4 in x 350 Mixed case colors
  • Foam core board
  • Scotch™ Thermal Pouches Letter size
  • Calendar Printable
  • Months Printable
  • To Do Printable
  • Glue stick
  • Dry erase markers


Print your freebies and laminate them.


You will have 6 pages to cut and piece together to form the calendar. Cut along the lines as cleanly and closely as possible.


Apply glue to the backsides of the calendar and piece together onto your foam core board.


Apply a piece of Velcro to the top of the foam core board above your calendar. Print your months, laminate and cut out and apply the opposing side of the Velcro in the middle of each month.


Print your to do list and use your 3M Scotch tape to add on a pocket to the upper right side. Laminate the entire sheet and then trim out around the box.


Use a craft knife or other sharp item to cut the pocket open through the lamination.


Tape on your to do list and make a pocket out of sturdy paper, or use an envelope cut open to hold the months in and tape that on around the sides and bottom. Be sure to allow the pocket to pooch out a bit so that it doesn’t get too tight to be useful.


Add tape around your calendar sides to keep little kid fingernails (that are as sharp as razors for some dang reason!) from peeling that glued down calendar away.


The laminated pages act as a whiteboard. The areas where you cut and pieced together will get that dried up maker “stuff” built up if there are huge gaps but if you trim well that will be a minimum.

Look at that happy and super organized face! He’s already drawn a nifty little icon to mark the first day of school and his brother decided a calendar was the perfect tool for planning his own holidays. Pickle day is coming up very soon, if you’ll look at the pics. On this day you should eat a meal where everything has pickle in it. We’ve already scheduled a special trip to the grocery store just to make sure we do the first Pickle Day up right!
Mmm. Pickle Day. Make your own littles dry erase monthly calendar and help them learn to stay organized. It’s super easy with 3M and Scotch! Visit the 3M social hub for more ideas and head to Walmart to grab your supplies to get back to school organized. (that rhymed :)

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  • Mike

    August 11, 2015 at 7:56 PM

    Prodigious! What an excellent idea! I LOVE this dry eraser calendar idea! Very ingenious! Seeing how your nephews like to draw on their calendars to mark special days reminds me of myself. Back when I was more ambitious about my art, I would draw and illustrate my whole calendar for the year. That’s right, all 12 months were illustrated and colored to my satisfaction. And I would draw in little icons to represent specific holidays, like a Christmas tree for Christmas fireworks for the 4th or a birthday cake for someone’s birthday that I knew, etc. It would take a lot of work and a lot of time, but I was young and creative and I had nearly all the time in the world to make them. These days, not so much in the time department. BUT, I can still make just an ordinary boring looking office calendar that you can get at Marc’s for .99 cents look fab with a little creativity and some colored pencils. I’ll show you what I mean later.

    Also glad to hear that your nephews are so pumped for school and that you were too once Allison. Sadly, I was not when I was that age. Maybe if I had some magic wand that could make all the jerks that I encountered there disappear, I might have enjoyed the experience better. But why all the doom and gloom, right?! I LOVED shopping for new school supplies! It made the whole experience worthwhile, kind of like Christmas shopping, only without the Christmas trees, the music and the bombardment of ads that you see everywhere. Getting new pencils and erasers, new notebooks and folders, putting everything together so that when the big “S” day finally came around, I was totally stoked and ready to go! And I loved to learn! School set the foundation for many of the things that I know now so how could I hate it entirely?

    Okay, I’m getting like way too excited here. If I keep going, I’m going to want to go to school myself this fall! Best of luck to your nephews on their first day and a new school year! :)

    And pickle day?! Sounds awesome! I want to have a pickle day too! :)

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