• Crafting Abroad: Evija

    Crafting Abroad: Evija

    August 5, 2015 Elena aka. Midsommarflicka

    Hello and welcome to August’s edition of our Crafting Abroad interview series! Today I hae the pleasure to introduce you to Evija. Nowadays she’s living on the Isle of Man, but originally she’s from somewhere else – but I let her tell the story herself: In your own words, who are you and what do…

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  • Beach Life DIYs

    July 15, 2015 Elena aka. Midsommarflicka

    Hello hello! I’m in a really good mood right now and that’s probably because I’ll be going on vacation sooooon. I’m also a little bit excited. I’ll be travelluing with friends from university and we’ll all leave the university-stuff at home. Thesis can wait! So, to infect you with my beach vibes I collected all…

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  • Summer Wardrobe DIYs

    June 17, 2015 Elena aka. Midsommarflicka

    It. Is. Summer! Finally. At least here in Hamburg, Germany we had to wait for a long time – and probably we have to suffer a few cold days again in the next weeks… But I refuse to wear winter sweaters any longer. I have summer now. No more discussion! To celebrate this long awaited…

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  • Crafting Abroad: Alessandra

    June 3, 2015 Elena aka. Midsommarflicka

    Hello! Welcome back to a new interview, a new interviewee and new insights in crafting abroad! Today I’d like to introduce you to Alessandra, who’s originally from Itlay but living in Mozambique rightnow. She tells us about these countries and even more: In your own words, who are you and what do you do? Ciao…

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  • Easter Bunnies for all spaces and occasions

    March 19, 2015 Elena aka. Midsommarflicka

    Hello peeps! The year is going by so quick! Only a few more days until it’s Easter… Crazy, right? For me this comes a little bit unexpected (I know…), so I definitely meed some last minute decoration! If you need some as well, you can find some inspiration here today: Easter bunnies for all spaces…

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  • Book Page Crafts

    February 18, 2015 Elena aka. Midsommarflicka

    Hey there! Welcome to another round up of fun crafts! Besides everything crafty reading is definitely my biggest hobby and passion. Although I’ve never blogged about books in the last nearly three years that I’m blogging – I may have to change that! Anyway, thanks to my deep love for books I also have a…

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  • Crafting Abroad: Anna

    February 3, 2015 Elena aka. Midsommarflicka

    Hello there! I hope all f yoi had a great start in the new year?! I’m here with a new interview for you: today I’d like to introduce you to Anna from Italy, please enjoy her answers and go and visit her blog afterwards – there are a lot of awesome ideas! (Her blog is…

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  • Wooden Beads Crafts and DIYs

    January 21, 2015 Elena aka. Midsommarflicka

    If you ever had a look at my blog, it shouldn’t surprise you, that I’m all into Nordic design and lifestyle. One thing that, for me, is Nordic, are things made from wooden beads. And if you’re with me and loving that trend, then you’re in for a trwat today, because I collected a few…

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  • Last Minute Christmas Decoration: Stars

    December 17, 2014 Elena aka. Midsommarflicka

    Hello there! Elena’s here again. So have you already decorated everything for Christmas? I’ve made the last things just this past weekend… In case you’re just as far-sighted planning as me, here are some last minute christmas decoration ideas! How about stars? Stars are great for christmas, aren’t they? (Please remember to pin the individual…

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  • Crafting Abroad: Aniko

    November 5, 2014 Elena aka. Midsommarflicka

    Remember that we had a periodically alternation in this series? Europ (me) – Asia (Rukmini) – Europe (Karin) – Asia (Onellyantie) … and yes. Today, we’re back in Europe. And again in Nortern Europe, in Finland to be exact. (May I just mention that this order wasn’t planned but was totally random depending only on…

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