American Well – Online Doctor Visits

April 17, 2014Allison Murray
American Well - Online Doctor Visits

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Well.

American Well - Online Doctor Visits

I go to the doctor a lot. And I mean A LOT. Besides normal visits for sinus infections and whatnot I have two different doctors that I have to see every three months. And guess, what? They’re specialists which means that they aren’t in my piddly little town. Nope, I have to drive an hour each way to see them and a check up visit wounds up sucking up an entire morning or afternoon not to mention half a tank of gas 8 times a year.

One of these afflictions is an autoimmune disorder which means I’m a lot more susceptible to getting sick in general. Whenever the flu is going around I don’t leave the house at all. No craft stores, no thrifting, no grocery stores. Because those nasty germs are everywhere and I WILL get sick. And besides the obvious, this is a big part of why I work from home.


Luckily I don’t get sick quite so much anymore. There are regiments I’m on and things we’ve tried successfully that mean I don’t have to visit the doctor quite so often. But when I do get sick there’s a chance I just might get what the person sitting next to me and hacking openly in the air has. Talk about a double whammy that makes going to the doctor suck even more than just the amount of time you wind up wasting in the lobby.

American Well - Online Doctor Visits

In spite of my absolute disdain of doctor’s visits,  when I heard about American Well I had a pretty strong response… who the heck would visit a doctor on the internet? I even discussed this with Russell very recently when he had to call in sick to work. And I said – why don’t you try this thing and I’m paraphrasing here but the basic gist or his retort was “I don’t know nothing about no doctor’s visit on the internet and I’ll stick with driving in to town, thank you very much.” I wasn’t sure if I could blame him or not.

And then my shoulder started to hurt. Really, really badly. There was this nasty knot inside of the muscle that has been forming for the last few months. And guess what… I went to my doctor just last week and didn’t think to bring it up even as I sat there and the knot from hell throbbed. And then one day I decided that I was going to give this internet visit thing a try as the pain just kept getting worse and worse and I found out that I couldn’t see my doctor until the following Monday (this was a Wednesday so that was a lot of waiting). To say I logged on hesitantly is definitely the truth of the thing but I needed some help and to be honest I didn’t want to try and find a new doc in town that could see me and take my insurance and blah, blah, blah. Getting on the computer to see the doctor was sounding better and better!

American Well - Online Doctor Visits

Guess what? My visit was great! I logged on and waited a whopping 7 minutes to see the physician I chose. And there were a good handful of doctors I could choose from. Each had a little introductory video that I got to see and decide which one I was most comfortable seeing. In the end I chose a female doctor who couldn’t have been nicer. She helped me with what I needed to do to help my shoulder pain now, what I can do to help eliminate pain in the future before it gets to this point and a regiment to try and reduce the size of the knot so it won’t be long before this is a thing of the past. And while I didn’t need a prescription, had I needed one it would have been called in to my pharmacy just like that.

I hadn’t been but a few minutes into my appointment before I decided that I would be doing this again. It was easy, it felt right and it was too darn convenient to be just a one time thing. So I thought about when I will use the service again, or why you might want to… Here are the reasons that make American Well pretty awesome.

  1. Easily see the doctor while travelling.
  2. Get medical treatment whenever my regular doctor is unable to schedule me or is on vacation.
  3. Talk with a medical professional when you have something little enough that you don’t need a full on visit but still need some help.
  4. Get a professional opinion about whether or not you need to seek immediate medical treatment (you know, you are on a new medicine and you’re acting funny and you’re not sure if it’s normal part of it or if this is BAD news).
  5. You don’t have the time to sit and wait in the lobby and again in the patient room for an appointment.
  6. Recent treatment for an ailment failed and you’re still sick and you just need to re-up your prescriptions but your doc won’t do it without an office visit.
  7. You want a second opinion for treatment that you’ve gotten from your general practitioner.
  8. It’s some crazy hour, like the middle of the night and you don’t want to rack up an ER charge but you don’t want to wait until the morning, either.
  9. It cost me the same co-pay as a regular doctor’s visit with my insurance.


American Well - Online Doctor Visits

I will be using American Well again and my mother is currently looking into if her insurance is covered because she’s down with the whole thing, too. It’s convenient, it’s professional and it’s secure. And to be honest, after actually trying it for myself I kind of wonder what exactly the hesitation was on my part to begin with. I know you may not be sick now, but I’d really like to recommend you check them out. Not because American Well is sponsoring this post, but because I have used it and will again.

Oh, and just so you can see for yourself how awesome online visits are, get your first appointment for free by using the coupon code: SPRING. (sign up by the end of April and use the code for up to 12 months!)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Well.Tracking Pixel

Comments (3)

  • Julie

    April 17, 2014 at 11:25 AM

    Interesting…I’m going to have to look into this. I hate going to the doctor during flu season when I don’t have it, but I know everyone there does!

    And my completely unrelated question is, how in the world are you going to weave in all of the ends in that crochet project???? It looks like it would take forever! :)

    1. Allison

      April 17, 2014 at 12:35 PM

      On a completely unrelated answer – begrudgingly :) I HATE weaving in ends. Hate it, hate it, HATE IT but sometime the stitch is worth it!

  • Jeanine

    April 19, 2014 at 2:47 PM

    Awesome… I have to admit. It sounds strange… to most regularily healthy people i bet. To me, it makes so much sense. However, I am certain I wouldnt be able to use this service in Canada lol. If I lived in the States I would definitely look further into it. Iconstantly look up symptoms, general health of our region, I get alerts by email from our Public Health organization to be notified if there is a virus we should know of, etc etc. For many reasons! Mainly because I am in a high risk class as well for catching little germs to others, that constantly land me in a hospital for minimum four days! As a single/independent parent, minimal family babysitters, two dependent children: trust me, the world stops if Mom ends up in ER! Anyway, getting too long–I was wondering what the financial charge was like (not exact)? I just love your blog! Youre not afraid to voice a choice you make for you, youre kind, funny, and besides, I simply adore your cats :D (and the fact you include them IN your blog space!). I have friends that travel throughout the States & beyond, constantly! I will send this post to them too!!! TY

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