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April 21, 2015Allison Murray
Make a delicious and healthy frittata with AllWhites®.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of AllWhites Egg Whites for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Make a delicious and healthy frittata with AllWhites®.

I love eggs. Just ask the waiters at the Mexican restaurant I frequent or the burger place. Did you know you can totally get enchiladas with a fried egg on top? Freaking yum. And I’ll debate on that or the Machaca con Huevos  which is a ton of brisket scrambled with eggs. Pour salsa all over the top and DANG! And a burger isn’t a burger without a scrambled egg with a runny yolk on top.

I also love making food. Cooking and baking and even poring through recipes is less about fueling myself than it is about trying to create a gastronomic wonder. Not going to lie, I’m not that great of a cook but I can pretend like I’m on Top Chef while I’m slicing and dicing that onion.


Make a delicious and healthy frittata with AllWhites®.

Put the two together so that I am COOKing EGGs and I’m blissfully happy. I was pretty surprised to realize that I had never ever eaten frittata. I have heard of it and know it is an egg dish but I’ve never eaten it. Reading the AllWhites Egg Whites recipe for Frittata Bites sounded a healthy meal it seemed absolutely impossible that this had never gone down in my kitchen before. The only way to correct that was to get on it quick smart.

I headed out to purchase my ingredients including my AllWhites®. Since I’m trying to eat healthier this year eliminating the fatty yolk is a good idea for me. AllWhites® are 100% egg minus the yolks. They are a lean source of protein, are fat free and cholesterol free, and worth 0PointsPlus® on the WeightWatchers® program if you’re working that. You can find them in the dairy section of your grocery store and the convenient carton helps your eggs keep for a good stretch and make cooking quickly easier. Who has time to dig that shell out for 10 minutes with the other part of the shell while cussing? Not me.

Make a delicious and healthy frittata with AllWhites®.

With my recipe in hand I got after things.Make a delicious and healthy frittata with AllWhites®.

As it turns out I’m a big fan of this recipe. Like huge! It’s light and tasty and healthy. Bing, bang, boom. That’s all awesome sauce. Oh, and to  help you out with your healthier, better lifestyle you should check out AllWhites Egg Whites fitness and weight management pages. Give them a AllWhites Egg Whites on Pinterest and AllWhites Egg Whites on Facebook and keep up with some more tasty and healthy recipes you can whip up in no time! Ooh, and last but not least take a peek at the AllWhites Egg Whites Favorites for some fab recipes!Make a delicious and healthy frittata with AllWhites®.

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