How to Add a Facebook Like Box to Your Blog

October 20, 2013Allison Murray
How to Add a Facebook Like Box to Your Blog


I had seen these Facebook like boxes forever on blogs but had a hard time finding out how to make my own. I finally stumbled on Facebook for Developers and BAM! It was so darn easy. So here’s the play by play. You’ll need to follow this link to begin.




In the first box put the URL for your Facebook fan page. Then add the width of the sidebar you’ll be placing the box in.

The height of 275 fits 2 rows of faces well. Add 50 for each additional row you want to have. So, 375 would have 4 rows of pictures and 425 would have 5 rows.


003-facebooklikebox-dreamalittlebigger copy

The look can be changed a weensy bit by playing with the boxes. Check and uncheck until you have the look you’re going for.



When you’re happy with the look press the “Get Code” button.


Your blogging platform may require you use a certain format. I blog on WordPress and I used the iFrame option and it worked well. The iFrame also works for Squarespace.

Select the code and copy it and paste in the area(s) as directed.


Since I used iFrame, I pasted the text into a text box inside of my sidebar widget. And that’s that, you’ve got your bright and shiny Facebook like box!

While you’re here you might want to link up to this week’s Link Party! Favorites get featured all over the place AND get their social networks shared.

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