Abstract Tie Dye Dress with Pockets!

July 22, 2015Allison Murray
Isn't this DIY tie dye dress gorgeous? AND it has pockets!

Isn't this DIY tie dye dress gorgeous? AND it has pockets!

I love tie dye. I’ve never made that any secret so you probably already know but I absolutely do. It’s definitely in my top 5 crafts and, actually, as I sit here I’m rocking out a tie dye tee :)

My style is generally really preppy and that totally doesn’t scream tie dye. I mean, you don’t see a whole lot of tie dyed polo shirts now do you? But maybe you should!

I’m also really into dresses. They are comfy and cool and perfect for the summer. This year it’s all about gym shorts as I’ve been doing tons and tons of DIY getting my house in tip top shape but most summers I wear dresses all of the time. I love that I can wrap my legs up in them as I sit in my office chair and that they look nicer than my gym shorts and a tee when I need to run into town really quickly with absolutely no additional effort.

Isn't this DIY tie dye dress gorgeous? AND it has pockets!

When I saw this dress on Amazon by May&Maya that had POCKETS I totally wigged and bought it instantly. I already had the idea in my head to tie dye this sucker which is good because I got the thing stained just moments after having come out of the package. In the end I went with an abstract dye and I am totally loving the color and comfort of it. In all, this is an awesome little project and I’m going to have to restrain myself from ordering another dozen of these dresses. Did I already mention it is a dress that is comfy WITH POCKETS? :) So head on over to iLoveToCreate to see how to make your very own fabulous tie dyed dress.

Oh, and a special thanks to my Rob who was kind enough to take pictures of me for my post. I actually absolutely hate images of myself but after his encouragement and support here we are :) He was even good enough to get Ollie doing things around me so that I would naturally smile instead of looking too terribly awkward! Didn’t he do a great job? See even more of his pics (which I am still slightly uncomfortable about but I used them as I promised to!) over in the tutorial at iLoveToCreate!

Isn't this DIY tie dye dress gorgeous? AND it has pockets!

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  • Mike

    July 22, 2015 at 10:26 PM

    That dress is so you Allison! Love all the colors! Very cool. I wouldn’t mind having a Polo shirt with those same colors. :) And pockets are always a good thing to have. They’re nice because I can hide my hands in them. ;)

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