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July 25, 2015Laura Mason

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Happy Saturday lovelies! Laura from Lovely Wren here again, and today I’m showing you how to transform a boring plastic pot into a bright and colorful abstract work of art. All you need to create this abstract painted planter is a pot, white spray paint (optional), and acrylic paint in your choice of colors. I used two main colors (aqua and green) and three accent colors (purple, coral and sparkly gold), a sponge to apply the paint (I used a kitchen sponge actually!) and a pencil with an unused eraser for the polka dots.

You are going to create several areas on the pot that, although slightly different, are similar in shape and in color, thus giving the finished planter an overall look of cohesion and repeating pattern.

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The first step is to get your planter spray painted white, or whatever color you want to start with. Then, you can begin to create your pattern, starting with your two main colors.

To start, apply six large splotches of your first main color. Then go back and add a smaller splotch of the second main color, slightly overlapping the first. As you can see in the photo, the areas don’t have to be exactly the same. Just make sure the sizes, shapes and overlaps are similar.

DSC_0275 - Copy

Next, you want to add your accents. To provide contrast, these should have a more linear shape. I went with three lines and a small honeycomb shape cut out of sponge (there’s a picture of the honeycomb sponge below). I layered two purple honeycomb stamps and one group of three coral lines over each area. Again, the placement is random, but the colors, shapes and sizes are the same.

DSC_0284 - Copy

Finally, add some sparkly gold polka dots, because nothing is complete without gold polka dots, am I right?

DSC_0286 - Copy

An unused pencil eraser dipped in acrylic paint works perfectly for creating polka dots. And, a small shape cut out of sponge makes a great accent stamp. I decided to go with a honeycomb.

DSC_0304 - Copy DSC_0317 - Copy

And that’s it! Add a plant, and enjoy your new, colorful, and eye-catching pot. I hope you are having a lovely weekend. If you decide to make your own abstract painted planter, leave me a picture or tag me on instagram @thelovelywren, I’d love to see!


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