A Very Special & Very Easy Paperweight DIY

July 11, 2012Allison Murray

Today I’m going to show you a super simple paperweight DIY tutorial!

If there is one thing in the world that is true about my family, it’s that we know how to have fun. Despite the fact that 5 of us travelled jam packed in my little car for 12 hours and to a funeral no less, we still managed to have fun on our little trek to West Texas. If there is another thing I know that is true, my Poppa wouldn’t have wanted it to be any other way.

So here’s the scene. It’s our last night in Odessa, TX and we’ll be heading back to Oklahoma bright and early in the morning. My uncle Les told us that we had to visit UTPB’s recreation of Stonehenge either at dawn or dusk for some awesome pics. Not being morning people, Jen and I decided on dusk. We got there a bit early and decided to take the boys and two loaves of bread to the duck pond our Poppa took us to when we were little to wait for twilight. t was great and about 15 minutes in, the youngest fell into the pond.



If you’ve never been to a duck pond you have really missed out! Plus, you probably don’t have any clue how absolutely disgusting the water is. Seriously. It’s murky and stinky and I’m pretty sure the bottom is lined with excrement rather than dirt. I have to tell you, that funky kid was not getting into my car like that. So Jen cleaned him up in the sink of the public restroom and Conner wound up spending the rest of the evening in his undies and sloshing around in his very wet tennies.

Needless to say, the rest of the evening’s pictures went a bit differently than anticipated. Holden was sweaty and managed to get something all down the front of his shirt and Con was half naked. We didn’t wait for nothing, though. I still got my pictures and I love them. These kids don’t know how to be serious. I’ve been told I ruined them by always having a camera in their faces. I decided to turn one of my favorites into a permanent desktop accessory. All hail the paperweight!

For this project you will need: Glass paper weight (I bought mine for 50 cents on clearance at Michael’s) with a removable felt back, ruler, photo, scissors, spray adhesive, felt.


STEP 1: I failed to get before pics of my paperweight but it had a picture of daisies or something in it. Nothing special. Rip off the backing and peel the photo out. Measure the space inside and either print your photo to match the dimensions (with a little bit of wiggle room) or find an existing pic that will work on the inside of the shape and size.

STEP 2: Trim up your photo to the approximate size. Place inside of the weight and use a pen or pencil to trace where the pic is too large and needs to be trimmed.

STEP 3: Trim up your pic and spray the front lightly with spray adhesive and let it sit out until it starts to get tacky. Place in the weight and using your fingers smooth out the pic and the glue. Allow to fully dry so that it won’t slip around in the next step.

STEP 4: Spray the back of the weight and photo with spray adhesive. Place an oversized piece of felt on the glue after it has had a moment to get tacky. Remember to use a color of felt that suits your photo because you’ll see it through the glass. Smooth the felt on and allow to dry. Flip the weight over and trim all of the excess felt.

Some of my other favorite pics from the “photo shoot”. Crazy kids. :)

And Ta-Da! You now have something to hold down all of your paper work that means something to you. I hope that you make your own. It’s quick, easy and very useful. Happy Hump Day!

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