A Smarter Spring Clean

March 28, 2015Allison Murray

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The International Housewares Association for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

a91e903d-9e88-41b8-869c-31a0ef114c20 I will admit I’m kind of a nut about the state of my home. Right now it’s a mess and I am a mess over it. I HATE my home not being as clean and tidy as possible. Every year I look forward to a HUGE spring clean where I purge of anything and everything I don’t need or don’t use and I proceed to scrub the living daylights out of every surface in my home. The sofa gets a good scrub, the inside of every cabinet says hello to my little friend called bleach and I generally do the things I’m crazy enough to want to do on a daily basis but just aren’t feasible at all. Because I want to get more cleaning done in my cleaning time and basically feel like I’ve beaten my now very frantic schedule I have begun snapping up tools to make my job even easier. And guess what? I’ve found even more things to add to my cleaning tool wishlist for some serious germ busting. First up we have a steam mop. If you’re not familiar with these guys they are awesome. Basically you clean your flooring with steam instead of any types of cleaners. You see the steam gets so hot that it’s 100% sanitizes the surface without any kind of harsh chemicals. I LOVE mine and I know you’ll love yours too. Plus there is no running to the store when you realize you’re out of floor cleaner! That fancy floor cleaner you see all in shiny metal and white is a Steamboy Pro from Reliable Corp. You need one. Seriously. 7d6f5e08-8071-4dad-9d0e-13a71c88ec6c And there is no reason to stop at cleaning your floors with steam. This handheld bad boy, the Pronto 100CH Steam Cleaner and Fabric Steamer also from Reliable Corp., can steam your fabric items to clean them! Imagine having your sofa disinfected and fabulous without having to worry if the cleaner you’re going to use is going to mess up your fabric or remove the color. Sounds amazing to me. And if your clean extends to your car you can take this puppy to the garage and be tooling around town in the cleanest car around. 806ce771-965a-4d11-8379-b9604e9dab6b

It may sound totally silly, but one of the best things I think to keep your home nice and clean is to have an awesome trash can. One that you don’t have to touch with your hands with a sturdy lid that can help keep those trashy smells inside of just the can and not the kitchen too! You can get the look of the ever popular stainless steel with this Tondo Step On by a.b.m. Canada Inc. For less than $30 you can have that high end look with an itty bitty price tag!

cad0ac37-6fa6-49a6-9f6f-6cbf4017d5fe Last, but certainly not least well all need a broom. Who knows how long brooms a have been around. They used reeds and sticks and whatnot back a bazillion years ago and we still use brooms today. It’s one of those things humans will carry to the moon if it gets colonized in the super techy distant future because even the moon has dirt. This fantastically brilliant yet simple idea is a step towards the future of such a long used item. This broom is not just like any other broom you have encountered. This one has a standing dustpan that attaches right onto the broom so you don’t lose it! And standing means you aren’t squatting down and hunched just inches over a pile of weird stuff you really don’t want to be breathing in. The Neat Sweep by Butler Home Products also has a pivoting head on the broom itself to make getting into those weird nooks and crannies all the more easier. I’ve got to tell you that for the sake of brevity we’re going to wind this up right now. I’ve shared with you my top 4 items for a cleaner home this spring… what are yours?


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