A Darling Dress Refashion

July 20, 2015Sheri Pavlović

In keeping with this month’s Refashioning 101: The 2 for 1 Upcycle theme I’ve come up with an adorable quick fix for a too small dress + a simple trick for camouflaging unwanted prints!

darling dress refashion header

Here’s how to create a darling dress refashion AND get rid of an annoying t-shirt graphic! (this tutorial also works brilliantly on grown-up gear!)

darling dress refashion

Grab a too small dress, a t-shirt with a silly print and an embroidered doily (or piece of coordinating fabric) large enough to cover the t-shirt graphic.

darling dress refashion

Pin the doily over the t-shirt print.

darling dress refashion

Stitch it on, et voila! No more silly print!

darling dress refashion

Chop the skirt off of the dress.

darling dress refashion

Pop the t-shirt over the skirt with right sides facing and the t-shirt hem lined up with the raw edge of the skirt.

darling dress refashion

Stitch together.

darling dress refashion

Trim off any excess fabric, flip right side out and zigzag over the outside seam for extra strength if desired.

darling dress refashion after

Pretty darn sweet, eh? (+ the dress is now even a wee bit too big which means a few extra months of wear! Yay!)

But what about the top of the dress?

dress to top refashion

A quick hem and it’s now a quirky cropped blouse perfect for throwing over a t-shirt!

For more funky DIYs take a peek at my tutorial index and always remember to keep up your Passion for Refashion!


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