A Citrus Christmas – a Duo of Orange DIYs

December 17, 2012Allison Murray
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One of the best things about this time of year is the excellent citrus that can be found and I love the implementation of a citrus Christmas. Oranges are my favorite in particular. They smell wonderful, they taste wonderful and I really dig the color orange.

When I was going through those scented melty wax things I saw an orange clove scent. I snapped it up because short of pine trees, it is the smell that most reminds me of Christmas. Later I kind of wondered why it was that I went for the ease of the pre-scented wax when I know how to make the smell myself.

Whatever the case my be, it’s gonna smell like I painted the walls with orange oil and shoved cloves in any available space when I’m finished with this little project.

For pomanders (cloved oranges) you will need:

A Citrus Christmas - a Duo of Orange DIYs - Pomanders

Grab your oranges and shove the cloves in to make a decorative pattern. Here I’m going for swirls. You don’t have to fill them up entirely, in fact, I think if you have some nice negative space they look even better.

If it helps, you can draw a faint but easy to follow design on the skin of your orange using a peach colored sharpie.

A Citrus Christmas - a Duo of Orange DIYs - Citrus Pomanders

Cloves have two parts… the long stick area you push in that has an “X” shape at the top. Then there is the round seed-like part that rests in that X. Since my cloves were cheapie, cheapie most of them didn’t have the round part, so to make them more uniform, I knocked all of them out. Unfortunately, I think that does decrease the smell factor a bit, but whether or not you do that is totally up to you. I completely love the x shapes, though.


Make as many as you like with whatever fun patterns you can think of. I also made a diamond shape around the middle of one reminiscent of argyle… For a gorgeous display, put loose cloves in the bottom of a clear bowl and place your cloved oranges on top! Just be sure to check them every once in a while because they will eventually spoil.


Orange slice ornaments are a long standing Christmas tradition. The dried flesh catches the light from your trees in a really neat way. With citrus being in season, the cost is minimal but the impact is great.

For orange slice ornaments you will need:

  • Oranges slicked just shy of 1/4 inch
  • Oven set at 250
  • Tongs (for removal from oven)
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Skewer
  • String

A Citrus Christmas - a Duo of Orange DIYs - Glittered Citrus Slices

Remove stickers and wash your oranges (because inevitably you’re going to be eating on them while you slice them up)… Slice them into approximatley 1/4 inch rings. Dispose of the ends or “butts”.

Take an absorbent rag (I use my dollar store shamwow knock off) and press out any excessive juice to help speed up the next step.

A Citrus Christmas - a Duo of Orange DIYs - Glittered Citrus Slices

Turn your oven on to 250 degrees and lay your oranges directly on the rack. Allow to bake for one hour, then rotate so they don’t curl up. Continue flipping every hour until your oranges are dried out (the insides will be kind of plastic-y and the rinds will be hard).

A Citrus Christmas - a Duo of Orange DIYs - Glittered Citrus Slices

To decorate, run a small line of glue around the rind ans sprinkle with glitter. Another idea that makes for a great smell is to incorporate crushed clove spice!

A Citrus Christmas - a Duo of Orange DIYs - Glittered Citrus Slices

After your glue and glitter has dried, take a skewer and poke a hole in the dried flesh, near the rind.

A Citrus Christmas - a Duo of Orange DIYs - Glittered Citrus Slices

String through with ribbon, fishing line, or string to act as the ornament hanger. Happy Monday! Be sure to stop by for my first ever dude shoe makeover!

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