Star Spattered Star Wars Shirt

March 27, 2016RaChil Luke

Hey guys! I’ve got another Star Wars tutorial for you all this week! Sorry it’s not more holiday appropriate but I’m not much of an Easter person. The Force Awakens is coming out on DVD April 1st though and I am super stoked for that.
I got this great tank top for only $6 from JC Penny the other day and I like it but it’s a little plain. I really like Star Wars wear with lots of ya know…stars on it. I figured that was easily fixable and I had just gotten this fabric spray paint for only $1 at Joanns because it was being discontinued. I also grabbed it in gold, blue, purple, and lilac because I was THAT excited. I’d never tried it before but I am very happy with the results both in the products performance and the shirt itself. It makes me sad that it’s discontinued now, but I’m sure any fabric spray paint would do the trick!



  • Silver Fabric Spray Paint
  • Star Wars Shirt
  • Tape (or paper) I thought I was going to use tape and ended up going with paper


Step 1: Mask of the image on your shirt. You can either put tape over the whole thing to protect it from the spray paint or cut out paper to lay on top to mask the image.

Step 2: Spray! It’s really that simple. My can told me to start off of the project and to end that way too because it comes out thickly at the beginning and the end of the trigger pull. I did a light spray over the whole shirt to make it sparkle and then I pulled the trigger quickly and randomly to give the bigger star effects. When the front dries you can repeat on the back!


Here’s the shirt all done!


I think it needed that little pop of metallic don’t you? It makes the shirt feel more finished. Me and my best friend got the same shirt at the same time and I know I’m going to have to fancy hers up now too the second she sees mine!

If you want another Star Wars tutorial you can check out my Death Star Ring, or if you just like nerdy stuff in general you can check out my Gilded Batman Notebook.

Have a happy Easter everyone!

Til Next Time!

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