Roscoe and the Purina ONE 28 Day Challenge

July 3, 2014Allison Murray
Roscoe and the Purina ONE 28 Day Challenge

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Everybody loves Roscoe. Plain and simple, he's such a sweet boy. And he's cute with the sweetest hair and big, teddy bear eyes. Nobody that meets this fantastic pooch has anything to say but "oh, I want him!"


So when Roscoe and I decided to tackle the Purine ONE® 28 Day Challenge I didn't really see how he could be much better. Per his vet he's in great shape, his coat is fine and his temperament is always nothing but kind and loving. But we went forward anyway.

Following along with some milestones that I reflected on the state of things Mr. 'scoe's disposition and health. In the end would Roscoe be a fan of Purina ONE®?

Day One: Taste

Roscoe isn't exactly a finicky dog but he does have an itty bitty mouth. We got a bag of Small Bites Beef & Rice Formula and he went after it with gusto. Taste? Seems to be pretty taste but since I didn't test it myself I cannot say for certain :)

Day 7: Energy Level

Roscoe is a younger fella' but he's been pretty lazy the last year or so. It's hard to get him excited enough to actually play with you or the other dogs. He'll be the fun police and bark at the others when they want to play be laying on the sidelines. 

As you can tell, Roscoe is VISIBLY more active and excitable. Which spells fun for his dog brother and sister and especially for the kids.

Day 14: Digestability

To be honest I think that Roscoe has an iron stomach. He's always making efforts to dig food out of the trash and has been known to occasionally steal a cookie out of an unsuspecting kid's hand. But it would seem that he's more regular. Gross, huh? But I think that's got to be a good thing, right?

Continuing with the 28 Day Challenge

So far, so good. In the future I'll be looking to see if I can tell of improvements in his coat, eyes and dental health. First I'll need to give this guy a good bath as you can tell from the most recent image dude's been getting around and is a bit dirty to really know how things are going!

Energy alone, Purina ONE® is definitely worth a try for you and your pooch. Take the Purina ONE® 28-Day Challenge and see for yourself! And go here to get a coupon for $3 at any WalMart to get you started!

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