The $10 Lamp!

May 20, 2014Allison Murray

DIY $10 Lamp

I am all about IKEA. While visiting my parents I had a pretty sweet set up. My dad built a desk in the den where he does all sorts of good stuff while spending time with my Momma and watching TV. That desk was commandeered and became the Dream a Little Bigger crafting and blogging station!

From there I went through the IKEA catalog and made a list of all of the good things I wanted to buy to DIY later. I mean, everybody LOVES an IKEA hack, right? So I got on down with it and we made the drive down for a quick bite and a long shopping trip. We didn’t even go through the entire store because we were trying to make it to a museum shortly after but  it seemed we still walked for days. The plan was to grab what was on my list and get out of there.

But Momma and I spied these lamps for $7. Where can you get a standing lamp for $7? IKEA, that’s where. And when we got it home and set it up, like immediately, the thing was kind of boring. Not really me. So a quick trip to the craft store and $3 in dye later, I had my $10 lamp.


DIY $10 Lamp

And since I wasn’t sure whether or not I could carry it on a plane, it’s still in Houston but will be home and hanging out in my living room as soon as possible! Check out how to DIY up your own $10 lamp (gosh that’s just so freaking CHEAP!) over at iLoveToCreate now!


And since I was utterly devoid of any cat craft assistants, I borrowed Ruby and she was a fantastic help :) Thanks Miss Ruby-Doo.

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  • RedSetter

    May 20, 2014 at 6:42 PM

    Hi Allison, I’ve got two of those lamps and they are great. Not so good is the UK price was higher than the US one you’ve quoted and that’s even before any conversion!

    Something you might want to consider…..In one of mine I have a remote control colour changing LED bulb which either cycles through the colours or you can choose one. Great for mood lighting. I got mine from Clas Ohlsen but know our electricity powers are different so I cant suggest a US supplier.

    Enjoy your lamp when it arrives.

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