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Hello, my name is RaChil and I blog at Cwafty Creations. Feel free to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee and a cookie with me as we get cwafty!

I have had this insatiable urge to create since I was a little girl. My childhood was spent with my nose in a book, hands covered in paint, and my head in the clouds. Now at 20 that’s still how I like to live my life. Through the years I’ve learned lots of different skills and my life goal is to be able to make anything! About 3 years ago I opened my shop Cwafty Creations and started working on this blog, it took a while for it to get here but I’ve finally done it!

I started blogging about half a year ago and have fallen in love with it. Here on my blog you will find lots of craft and DIY projects, information about my shop, various artsy endeavors, examples of my work, and hopefully loads of inspiration!

Cwafty Creations

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Sheri Pavlovic is the award winning DIY diva behind the blog Confessions of a Refashionista, the fabulously crafty corner of the internet packed with step-by-step tutorials for everything from groovy clothing & accessories to funky home decor + a healthy dose of thrifty outfit inspiration!

This quirky Canadian creator is an avid upcycler who lived a most extraordinary existence in North America, Japan, England and Greece before finally ending up in Germany.

Her personal definition of a Refashionista? A DIY eco-fashion upcycling warrior who firmly believes that fabulous, affordable, unique style can be achieved by anyone without supporting the growing phenomenon of cheap, unethically produced “fast fashion”.

Confessions of a Refashionista

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Hello, I am Elena! In the World Wide Web I am also known as Midsommarflicka (Swedish for Midsummergirl) and I blog at It Was Weekend. And I Was Bored. My nickname Midsommarflicka arose after I lived a few months in Sweden and completely fell in love with the country and everything it offered me.

My urge to DIY, to create, to make and to blog kind of really started with the reason my blog name promises: Because I had a boring weekend. Soon after my weekends weren’t boring anymore ;) My urge has no real limit, I take fabric as gladly as wood or paper. As long as it decorates my home or is useful in it, I will take it and make it. My DIY gene is definitely inherited – my mum and I are constantly exchanging photos of our latest creations and inspire each other.

When I am not creating or blogging I am on the last lap with my studies and am soon a teacher for vocational education and teach media technology. A few times in the year I have the fun task to teach about wordpress – I think I know what I am talking about ;)

It was Weekend. And I Was Bored.

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Hello, my name is Ama. I’m a DIY addict and the creative mind behind Ohoh Blog.

Years ago, I moved from rainy Belgium to Mexican desert and I quitted my interior designer job to be a staying home mum! Huge changes! As I have always been crafty, blogging was the perfect way to share creativity and inspiration (and getting my head out of diapers).

I like to make things. It could be painting, sewing, drilling…no matter the technique! Anything I have in hands is inspiration to create, with a serious addiction for upcycling. I like to do tutorials for every home decor, jewelry or furnitures project I make.So I will see you once a month on DALB for more inspiration!

Ohoh Blog

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My name is Sasha, but most know me from my blog as Tattooed Martha!  I was born and raised in Iowa but took off for the wonderfully weird city of Portland, Oregon a little over three years ago.  I now share a home with my tattoo artist husband and our pleasantly plump kitty named Punk.  When I’m not concocting boozy baked goods, you can find me hiking, enjoying the beautiful Oregon coast, or of course… getting tattooed!

Cooking is a huge passion for me, but I definitely don’t claim to be an expert! I cut and burn myself often, make messes, and sometimes end up with a total flop of a dish! I like to make the mistakes so others don’t have to, so I try to work out all the kinks in a recipe before sharing it with my readers. I like to use fresh ingredients and find healthy substitutions for my not-always-so-healthy indulgences!

In addition to healthy dishes and baked goods, I also love to craft and make DIY beauty products. I believe that all things homemade are better because of the hard work and love behind them. And they’re typically cheaper too! ;)

Tattooed Martha

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Hello! I’m Laura and I’m the maker behind Lovely Wren. I was born in Minnesota, raised in Michigan and just spent a couple years living in Augusta, GA. Now I’m back in Michigan with my husband, our teensy toy poodle puppy Pippin and more house plants than either of them are completely comfortable with ;)

I’v always loved to create, and I’ve tried just about everything. I started knitting when I was 8 or 9, and needle pointing too. When I was a little older I started stamping and scrapbooking with my mom, and then I took jewelry and art classes in high school.

These days I’m still into knitting, and I love to do home decor type craft and DIY projects. I’ve just started Project Life, and I’m also getting back into needle point. If I’m not making pretty, quirky things, I’m probably playing video games with the hubs or hanging out with Pippin. I also love taking photos and visiting farmers markets, thrift shops, apple orchards and plant and garden shops!

I blog to share things I’ve made, showcase things that inspire me and most of all meet new friends, so I’d love to hear from you!

Lovely Wren

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