Hi. I’m Allison – Dream a Little Bigger

I’ve gotten a few emails asking who I am and a few other questions, so I figure it’s just easier to set up an about me page. Here it goes… All about Allison – Dream a Little Bigger. If you have a question get in touch by email or any of the methods on my contact page.

All About Allison - Dream a Little Bigger
Daddy and me being normal… And rocking hammer pants like it’s Hammer time.

Hey, there! My name is Allison, otherwise known as Auntie A or just plain ol’ “A” for short. I’m assuming you’re here because you want to learn all about  Allison (that’s me!)

I can be strange. I get that and I understand why others think it. I sing to my cats, I hold solo kitchen dance parties and I like to bust out a cabbage patch or Roger Rabbit in the aisles of stores. I figure life is too short to be embarrassed much. I also like teasing others, especially my dad. When he gives me that really tight smile that isn’t actually smiling, but more or less showing his teeth and trying to smile, I know I have succeeded! I also like waving like a lunatic at passing cars containing no one I know.

I love my family. My youngest nephew says that I’m really nice until I start driving and my oldest says I’m the bossiest person he knows (even bossier than dad). I still call my parents Momma and Daddy even though I’m in my 30s because they are my Momma and Daddy. The only vacations I have taken in 8 years have been with my family. I live 2.5 hours away from my sister, 8 hours away from my parents, and at least 7 hours away from the rest of my family.

Right now my favorite color is pink, I love music and sing it loud even though I’m tone deaf, I go to the hobby/craft store every weekend. I like garage sales but hate thrift stores. I go to both. I’m a sucker for anything with fur – which is why my instagram is almost all animal pics. I refuse to let my weaknesses dictate my life and I do my best to smile at everyone I see. I am a firm believer that leggings are not pants. I don’t like touching cotton. Everyone knows to pull it out of a new thing of medicine for me when I shove it in their face.

All About Allison - Dream a Little Bigger
I want a goat so badly. My mother is oddly encouraging of my desire for goat ownership.

I like to craft a lot and have taken up my own space on the internet to share my projects. I blog about my loves and my obsessions. If I don’t love it, I leave it.

Where do I find the time to do so many crafts? I am self employed and work from home. That means sometimes having no work to do and only having my thumbs to twiddle. It also means absolutely no commuting time other than stepping from my bed across the hall to my office. That leaves plenty of time to work on projects in between.

I craft an entire day away on the weekends, normally Sunday. I start and complete at least 3 projects on the weekend. I also have a shelf where I store my on-going projects separated out, in a bag with the tools necessary to work on it. This way I can easily grab everything I need to work on a project in progress, even if I have just a couple of spare minutes.

Lastly, if I don’t want it, need it or want to give it as a gift, I don’t make it. There’s something that is far more productive about working on a craft that actually has a use.

Why aren’t there more pictures of you up in here? I take my own pictures. I refuse to snap myself  in the mirror. I can’t seem to work setting up the camera and using the timer thingie. So most of the time you’re going to be seeing things from my perspective. Plus, no one in my family but the boys photographs well. It always looks really forced. We can’t produce a genuine smile when a camera is around to save our lives. It’s just plain ol’ awkward.

Why are you doing this? With this blog I hope to spread the creative bug. There is nothing more satisfying and productive than a life spent creating! Plus, I think it would be awesome to craft for a living. I hear that others can blog for a living. Why not give it a go? If it works out awesome. If it doesn’t, it’s not like I’m doing much of anything I wouldn’t otherwise.

Are your friends and family supportive? Would you recommend anyone having a blog like this? Supportive? Yes and no. The few I have told are all very supportive. I want my blog to either fail or succeed on its own. Not because I asked my friends and family to view my posts every day! Recommend? Yes and no. If you are a self starter and like to stay busy, yes. Some days it can be a challenge. You have to really want it!

Why didn’t you post my comment? I have a right to say what I want about your posts! Freedom of speech! More than likely if I didn’t post your comment it is because it hurt my feelings or it seemed rude, hateful or counterproductive. This is my portion of the internet and just because you want to say it, doesn’t mean I have to show it to the rest of the world. (I totally get what the word “troll” means now, by the way).

Do you sell ad space?  As a matter of fact, I do sell ad space! Just contact me at allison AT dreamalittlebigger DOT com

All About Allison - Dream a Little Bigger
What am I looking at? Who knows…

So – that’s it. I went from having no about me page to typing your ear off. Sorry about that – I forgot to mention – I like to talk. :)