Zebra Striped Canvas Kicks at Mom Spark!

Make zebra striped canvas kicks with tutorial at Mom Spark

You don’t have to be a regular around here to know how crazy I am for shoes. It’s pretty insane. In fact I have three hanging shoe organizers in my closet and this is how I work it. Those 3 shoe organizers are all of the room I allow myself for shoes (except for house shoes and cowboy boots which go on the floor). If I make or buy a new pair, an old pair has to go to make space for the new. It’s so harsh but it is something I have to do.

Besides, my sister wears the heck out of any DIYed sneakers I give her. And there are plenty of people in need of decent shoes and even charities specializing in getting an oufit to an unemployed person in need. I love those groups so much.

So when I pulled these little red classic canvas slip ons out of my craft closet and went after them with some awesome zebra print (with alternating patterns, check it!) I knew that these would be bumping out a pair of kicks because these are keepers.

Check out the post over on Mom Spark today! Yikes! Stripes! a Classic Canvas Zebra Shoe Makeover

See where I link up.

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