Thunder Up! Easy Cap Toe Ballet Flats

I don’t know if you’ve heard of them, but Oklahoma City has a basketball team – the OKC Thunder. I don’t know if you’ve heard that they’re doing really, really well this year, but they are.

In Oklahoma wearing your team’s colors is exactly the same as wearing a plain ol’ white tee shirt, whether it be for the Thunder, University of Oklahoma or Oklahoma State University… which is why I have a whole row of team sports apparel that gets worn often.

The only thing I hate about being sporting supportive is that when I wear one of my tees I always resort to wearing tennies. What if I want to wear my Thunder shirt with a denim mini skirt? Tennies wouldn’t quite do. So, I set out to make some spirited Thunder shoes JUST to go with my other Thunder apparel!

For this project my initial instinct was glitter cap toes, but in the long run, I went with painted accents only. You just have to trust your gut when crafting. After all, our orange and blue color scheme is kind of bright on its own – but when I make me some OU flats for football season – you best be believing those suckers are gonna be crazy glittery. Find a pair of flats in the right color and make them in YOUR team’s colors!

For this DIY you’ll need: Flats, masking tape, brush, fabric paint – or acrylic paint and textile medium additive, Mod Podge and glitter (if you’re going glam)

STEP 1: Tape the cap off of your first shoe and place next to the other. Tape the next side by side to ensure an even line across both feet. I wanted some extra color at the back, so I taped of a vertical strip back there, too. If you have enough sole to tape off, do that for nice clean lines. If you want to

STEP 2: PAINTED CAP TOES – If you’re using a textile medium additive, mix with your acrylic paint per the manufacturer’s directions. Bust out a paintbrush and paint on your shoes, taking care around your tape lines to prevent bleeding. Use as many coats as necessary to get good, even coverage. Remove tape while paint is slightly tacky. Allow to dry at least 24 hours.

GLITTERY CAP TOES – If you’re going glitzy, mix some glitter into a reserved amount of Mod Podge. How much you put into the glue depends on the kind of coverage you want as a result – for a thick, chunky look use a ratio of more glitter to glue. If you want a thin, more delicate cover, use less. If you’re not sure – go less and add more coats until you get to your desired level of glam. Remove your tape while your glue is slightly tacky. Allow to dry at least 24 hours.

That’s it for this Shoesday – not a big one but I have to tell you, these shoes are gonna be worn OUT! I can’t wait to share my shoes in progress with you next week. They’re only about 25% right now, but all signs point to absolutely fabulous! Happy Tuesday!!!

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  1. Terry says

    I know it’s been a few years but by chance…Do you have the brand name and color of the blue you used? Every blue I pick up does not look right to my eye. You nailed it!

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