Sweet Feet – Girly Shoe Makeover at Mom Spark!

Sweet Feet shoe makeover for girls at Mom Spark

My Mom’s side of the family is really big into cutesy or kitschy sayings. To this day, when Momma takes a crazy turn while driving, she says “Hang on Lucies!” I’ll say “cheese it” whenever I break something, knock something over in a store, or otherwise klutz out, which is at least once a day. Mimmie has sayings that are terribly inappropriate, including one about a kitten who can’t get any milk. When I was little, when my Poppa would help me with my shoes he would tell me to “get those sweet feet over here”. Needless to say, I love these types of sayings and they often inspire me…

Prior to blogging, I had just started working towards baking for a living and had begun filling my first orders for Christmas chocolate cakes, caramel apple pies, cookies, caramel apples and the like. I even made a super cute chocolate cake shaped like a pilgrim’s hat with a turkey pilgrim hanging onto a musket on top. I would often visit cake forums in search of inspiration for my latest marshmallow fondant laden design.

That is when I stumbled onto a cake design called “drippy cakes” and I instantly fell in love and planned to make this style for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately a few weeks before I was diagnosed Celiac which means I cannot eat gluten found in most commonly wheat. Now, cakes are generally made from wheat flour. To say I was devastated was an understatement. I shoved all of my cake pans, fondant rollers and the like in the garage and quit taking orders that very day.

So in making a pair of kid’s kicks over at Mom Spark, I decided to make cupcake inspired ‘classic canvas’ shoes for a very sweet little girl. Since I never got to make “drippy cake” I decided to use the inspiration for these adorable little slip ons. Head on over to Mom  Spark to check out this girly sprinkled shoe makeover tutorial!

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