Stones & Chains Tough and Prissy Dangle Earrings

I’m not sure why it is but I like making earrings an awful lot more than I actually like wearing them. And boy do I love making them. I especially like making earrings that are simple because I lack a lot of “beading” knowledge and how to. Basically I think of something and then I sit there with the components of my design, jump rings, and pliers and puzzle it out. In the end, it always seems to work out.

These earrings I love, love, love. There is something that is so awesome about accessories that have a significant duality to them, don’t you think? The stones, albeit fake, say “I’m a princess”. The chains say “Maybe I am a princess but I’ll still kick your…”

These little babies would make excellent, quick and super cheap gifts. The Christmas trifecta! Want to make your own? Without further ado, you will need:

Your earrings will have these little metal arms that hold your rhinestone in. You don’t want to bend these because you will compromise the earrings and the stones may just fall out at any time.

Instead, take a jump ring that is close in size to the links on your chain. Open the ring and put it around one of these arms holding the stone in.

String the chain onto the jump ring and close up. Repeat for the second earring and babayam!!! These suckers are ready to wear. Did I promise easy or what?

If you want to make a nice little display to give them as gift you will need:

  • cereal box
  • paper
  • Mod Podge & brush
  • itty bitty nail and hammer
  • marker (optional)

Mod Podge your paper onto the printed side of cardboard retrieved from a cereal box. Stay on top of it while it dries and continually smooth out any bubbles or creases that try to form.

Cut out a rectangular shape that will easily accommodate your earrings (remember that they will dangle). On the back side use a ruler to measure out the center and measure an equal distance from that line on each side and make a mark.

Use your itty bitty nail and hammer through the marks you made. Turn your card over and use the nail to clean up the holes if necessary.

If you want to you can decorate up the front side. I made a line of triangles at the top and “made by A” at the bottom”. You could always write ‘handmade’, ‘Merry Christmas’, ‘you’re a jerk’… whatever suits.

In less than ten minutes you have made a pair of earrings and an awesome little display to gift them in. Now that is what I call time management!

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