Simple Painted Starlight Mint Glass Project with Dollar Tree!


With bowls from the Dollar Tree, this is one super cheap (and cute) project!

I am all about crafting on the cheap and one of the best places to pick up supplies for an amazing price is Dollar Tree. I mean, where else can you get a bag of googly eyes for a buck? Plus they’ve got this super neat club (The Value Seekers Club) where you can get ideas on how to use the things you can find in store! And not just for crafts, there are also recipes, decor ideas, contests and tips and tricks that changes monthly with new, fresh content!

So in searching for a few inspiration ideas before my trip to Dollar Tree I found an abundance of great ideas at Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club. I most like that I can find entire projects I can recreate, but also what kind of crafty goodness Dollar Tree has got in stock for this season that I can DIY in my totally unique crafty style. But if I do want to mimic the project entirely I can easily save or print the project sheet with directions and a shopping list to carry into the store with me.

Because I don’t know about you, but I get really distracted in Dollar Tree because there’s lots of neat stuff and with everything being a cool buck, I can totally afford it, too! “Oooh, look felt place mats that look like snowflakes! Check out those Christmas plates! I simply must have a solar generated dancing penguin!” (and I do, bobbing my head to him clicking back and forth as I type, actually). And the time spent in only gets much longer when I’m with my sister and my Momma! We can spend ages in Dollar Tree and come out with projects to keep us busy for days!

With bowls from the Dollar Tree, this is one super cheap (and cute) project!

At any rate, this month I decided to tackle the Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club Craft Project of hand painted serveware project. Since I’ve been kind of on a kick of glass painting this was perfect for me for lots of reasons. It’s something I enjoy and I have lots of glass paint already on hand. But if you don’t have tons of glass paint like I do, you can recreate my project with only two colors, only red and white, so no budget busting here!

You see, I have a thing for peppermint. But not all of the time… only in winter. Hand me a starlight mint in the middle of summer and I’ll look at you sideways but in the winter I’ve got a whole slew of them in my purse already, thank you very much. For practically everything holiday this year I’ve been putting a minty twist including my recipes and crafts, so painting my veggie bowls for this Christmas’s table to look like starlight mints was a no-brainer. Plus it was super easy!

All you need are your red and white bottles of glass paint, a decent paintbrush and glass bowls from Dollar Tree. You can also do this project with the tons and tons of plastic serveware you can purchase and then use everyday craft acrylic paints instead of the specialty glass paint, but I wanted my neat-o bowls to last a lifetime! Want to see the full tutorial to make your own? Head on over to Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club for the full DIY and lots of other fun projects. Oh, and it’s totally free to join. Hurrah!

With bowls from the Dollar Tree, this is one super cheap (and cute) project!

But wait, a minute, I’ve got yet another fun little thing happening today here on the ol’ blog. Not only am I trying to inspire you to get your craft on I’m also going to give you the opportunity to do it for free! Yep, it just so happens that I am giving one lucky reader a $100 Dollar Tree gift card and with everything being a buck, you’re going to come home with nearly 100 things off of that card! To enter, join the Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club and leave a comment here about your favorite Dollar Seekers project! Good luck!

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  1. Jessica says

    I love the starlight bowl idea. Looking forward to trying it out. I might make more red and white stripes on it, more like a real mint. But I’m a messy painter so is have to use painters tape and make the stripes straight rather than curvy. Thanks for the great project ideas, the snow globe is also cute!!

  2. David says

    I want to try the balloon painting craft. My kids love balloons. They like bouncing them up in the air and chasing them around. They would love to do this project.

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