Screw Valentine’s Day Playlist

Sometimes we don’t want happy love songs. Sometimes we don’t even care if Valentine’s Day is just around the corner… screw it! So despite the fact that V-Day is in less than a week, I’m sharing this playlist I compiled of all of my favorite songs that are about heartbreak, cheating, unrequited love and similarly not lovey dovey themes. As it turns out I have more non-love songs than love songs so paring down the list was quite an effort. Check it out!

I skipped around generations and genres to bring my absolute favorites. We’ve got the likes of Claexico, Imogen Heap, The White Stripes, Ida Maria, Vivian Girls, The Velvet Underground… and what mix tape about heartbreak would be complete without a song by The Smiths?” Hoping that your Valentine’s Day is fantastic, but if it’s not remember – screw Valentine’s Day and carry on!!!


What’s your favorite song that says, my heart is demolished, he’s a top shelf a-hole, or why doesn’t he know that I exist? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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  1. Megan says

    Thank you so much for this! I'm going through a divorce and with Valentines AND our anniversary coming up within the next two weeks, I needed some anti-love posts. Right now it's "Over You" by Daughtry for me.

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