Reusable Calendar DIY + Freebie Calendar Roundup!

Make a Reusable Monthly Calendar at Mom Spark (by yours truly :)

Happy 2013 out there! Hopefully you had a fantastic New Year’s Eve with lots of fun and smooches and wake up to the new year with as litle hangover as possible (or as a bottle of children’s nausea medication says: “overindulgence of food or drink”).

I have rung in the new year exactly the same as I have every year as an adult… while being sick. Never have I stayed up to watch the ball drop or gone out and had an extravagant time. My NYE tradition is to ball up with a box of tissues and a bottle of Nyquil and zonk out around 10 pm. I sincerely hope that you had a much better time than me!!!

Today I’m sharing with you a reusable calendar that is up right now on Mom Spark! It’s a cheap and easy way to reuse a large collage frame. In fact, if you already have a frame waiting to be used, this project is insanely cheap! Head on over to check the resuable calendar DIY at Mom Spark!

Now, for our roundup! I’ve been seeing some absolutely wonderful designs for freebie calendars all over the place. Here are my favorites: (click the pic to go to download)


Hope and a Home: Free Printable 2013 Calendar by Seamless Days

Make Every Day Special 2013 Calendar by Design Bolts

Pick 12 from 40 for a Personalized Owl Calendar (easy) by My Owl Barn

Free Printable 2013 Monthly Calendar by The Tom Kat Studio

“Sweet New Year Calendar 2013″ by Eat Drink Chic


Seasons 2013 Calendar by Love vs Design


2013 Calendar by Love vs Design



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