Quirky & Fun Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

These quirky and fun Valentine’s Day gift ideas will set you on your way to one of the greatest holidays for love ever!
Quirky and fun Valentine's Day gifts at Mom Spark.

If you’ve not gotten your Valentine’s Day gifts you’re way, way behind! Since you’ve got two days to get your act together you’d do well go head on over to Mom Spark to see my post about quirky & fun Valentine’s Day gifts.

Over there you’ll find ideas for food, like our banana up there with an homage to Ms. Stefani. Can you spell bananas without singing it? I never can. But then again I also never stick an extra “na” on there by accident.

Since a lot of lists are about candy and there is no reason to repeat great lists you’ll find that are already out there, like this list of 100 Clever Valentine Candy Ideas from C.R.A.F.T., I only included a few of my favorites. But what you will find are other fun ideas like a sewing kit “I love you ‘sew’ much!”

Head on over to check it out and if you’re on the ball, pin it for ideas for Valentine’s Day 2014! Happy Tuesday out there :)

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