Quick Jump Ring Earrings Tutorial + Chic Earring Storage

I wrote this review and tutorial behalf of Lori Leigh Designs and received product to facilitate my post.

Did you know that you can make a pair of earrings from scratch in only 3 minutes? This is too neat!

Did you know that you can knock out a pair of custom made earrings in only about 2 minutes? And did you know that if you asked random people they wouldn’t guess that they were homemade? The secret is JUMP RINGS!

If you’ve ever perused the findings area of a craft store you might have noticed that there are lots and lots of jump rings. Not only varying sizes but also square ones and oval ones and in special cases, decorative ones. Buy up a few sets and jump ring earrings are just moments away!

For this project you will need:

Put each earring together as you see on the left. It’s really, really that simple!


This pair is made simply with three differently sized jump rings starting at 6mm.


Here you’ll need 8 – 6mm jump rings and two larger, textured rings for each. I think these might be my favorite!


And last, but definitely not least these require two ornate jump rings and two 6mm jump rings each.

But now let’s get to the whole reason I had making earrings on the brain!


Some time ago I was contacted about trying out a new, chic jewelry storage solution from Lori Leigh Designs. I was ecstatic for a good number of reasons, especially being that I DIY pieces of jewelry so much and I have so little place to put them. More often than not I wind up having to purge my jewelry to the necessities and the “I just CANNOT part with it pieces”. And having a smarter way of storing my earrings seemed like a great plan. Because I give away far more of the earrings that I make than I actually keep.


And here is what arrived in the mail. I was excited when I opened it up and saw how nice it looked and how sturdy it felt.


There are two distinct styles, the Traveler (which reminds me of the box Richard Gere snaps shut on Julia Robert’s hand in Pretty Woman :) and the Vanity. They come in a fun range of colors, but I chose black as I was deep in the throes of a bathroom makeover and wanted my new piece to match whatever I wound up going for.


Now mine came with a 5 of earring hanging trays, but they also sell ones with straps for necklaces and other chains and one just for rings. I have room in my vanity for at least 4 more trays, maybe even 5 and I’m definitely going to be adding to it.


Want one of your own or think it would make an awesome gift (’cause I do!) You can find them at Lori Leigh Designs or on Amazon.com!

Just a reminder, I wrote this review and tutorial behalf of Lori Leigh Designs and received product to facilitate my post.

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      Thanks much. I definitely love easy jewelry the best, for sure! And if I organize it well, this thing can hold a ton. I kind of organized for a pretty picture but you can get a lot on one of those trays!

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