Oh, So, Snowy – Loafin’ Around Loafer Roundup

I’m so very excited that it is snowing here and since it’s lovely beautiful white outside I thought I’d make a long overdue roundup. Lately I’ve been so incredibly into the crafting that I’ve totally neglected this awesome genre of post. I’m rectifying that situation immediately with a bunch of crazy cute loafers I would love to have gracing my cold little tootsies.

But first, a little story about snow when I was a kid… We always went to New Mexico during the snowy season when I was growing up and often spent Christmas in Ruidoso. What I remember most is the neighbor’s dog at the house we stayed at and my little loom I got for Christmas that had me  making potholders like you wouldn’t believe for years. It’s amazing what the mind remembers, isn’t it?

My mother love, love, loved tubing. The premise is simple, you blow up an inner tube, carry it up a hill and slide down on the snow while sitting, laying or being awesome on it. Oh, and it’s is fast, really, really fast. Here is the general premise  of snow tubing.

While my mother loved it, my sister and I hated it. And being a good father in the 80s, my dad had his ginormous video camera permanently glued to his shoulder and eyeball. Long story short, somewhere we have a video where Momma shows her hand cut and bleeding (badly) but being totally cool about it. On the other hand, I’m freaking out, very loudly, about how my hands burn and being crazy confused because “I’m sooo cold!” Meanwhile my sister is working on her own brand of crazy listing off the shows she could be watching if she was in front of a TV right then. Not sure why I love the snow, but gosh darn it I do!

Let’s get to loafin’ and roundup already.

Cole Haan Women’s Trillby Bit Snake-Embossed Drivers  – The logical side of my brain says these are too gaudy for consideration. My creative side wants to tell logic to shut the heck up. Cost $150.


Keen Women’s Catalina Slip-on  – also comes in tan, navy and black but the red are the cutest! $70-90


Pinch, Lash, Smidgen Flat – Currently out of stock but adorable. If they come back they run $40.


Not Rated Women’s Brit Loafer  – So colorful and cute! They only have sizes 8.5 and smaller left. $40


DV by Dolce Vita Women’s Macao Loafer  – Also come in a gorgeous blue and a sedate but pretty tan. $80


Sperry Topsider Fur Skipper – Also comes in black with sequin toe but theser are waaaay. cuter. $60


Kate Spade Willie Tumbled Leather Loafer – The most expensive on the list, by far, but so gorgeous! Also come in a lovely orange. $250.


HOUSE OF HARLOW 1960 Millie Beaded Moccasins – Also comes in black. On clearance for $149.


Land’s End Joanne Driving Moccasins – Comes in red, violet and beige. A steal at $49 a pair!

Jeffrey Campbell Mention Spike White on White  – I know I’d hurt myself on these but I still love them. $165


Minnetonka Women’s Full Leopard Mocassin  – I’ve really had my eye on some leapord spotted shoes and these are my favorites. $60


Steven by Steve Madden Women’s Moodi Loafer  – Also comes in black and crazy bright purple (that inspire images of gigantic pimp hats in my head but they’re cool all the same. $60


Bass Women’s Ashley Loafer  – Aren’t these amazing? When I was a kid I thought my Bass shoes were “creaky” but I’d totally give these bowed beauties a go. They also come in far more sedate red with white toe or black with white toe. about $100


Clarks Women’s Dunbar Racer Loafer  – Comes ina bunch of colors including, mustard and fuschia (two of my favs), orange, red and some different beiges. $60-80


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