New Year’s Resolutions

Allison's New Year's Resolutions

You may not realize it from checking out this blog but I am not just a crafty gal. Among other things, I am also: a music fiend, voracious reader, lover of all period pieces, movie buff, techno-weenie, lover of stuff, avid window shopper, germaphobe, gluten free cook (by necessity unfortunately), animal lover (well, maybe you figured out that one already), worry-wart, a crazy clumsy klutz and a minimalist with a double whammy of OCD and hyperactivity.

Since my blog is quickly becoming an extension of myself, I have decided to share my resolutions for 2013. A lot of them are blog-centric and some are geared toward other parts of myself beyond the craft tutorial…

  1. share my choice reads, techy things I love, good movies & compile the occasional playlist
  2. rather than buy, buy, buy – use more from my craft stash
  3. learn to knit something
  4. learn to use my, still new in the box, cameo silhouette (yay Christmas!)
  5. NOT turn into one of those craft bloggers where every other post requires a cameo silhouette
  6. organize my craft room in a way that I can keep up with
  7. go on a real vacation
  8. see something I made in a fancy, big city magazine
  9. be able to park at least one car in my two car garage
  10. get 15,000 page hits in ONE DAY (current best just shy of 7,000)
  11. finish redecorating my bedroom BEFORE I get sick of my new paint color
  12. create the ultimate glitter stash, talkin’ every color & weight possible
  13. draw or doodle something every day
  14. give instagram another shot
  15. wear a bra more often so I don’t worry so much about my girls getting saggy
  16. don’t worry so much in general
  17. get back into running
  18. shed the unnecessary 100% and streamline my life
  19. do more to give back to my community
  20. finally remodel my kitchen (on a strict budget of course)
  21. make an effort to waste less and be more ‘green’
  22. learn to better use power tools so I don’t have to rely on anyone but myself

So what are your Resolutions for 2013? I’d love to hear them!!

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  1. Donna Ingalls says

    I enjoyed reading your resolutions. Thanks so much for realizing that we all don't have a Silhouette. Love your blog.
    Here are some of mine-
    Focus on the positives in life and in other people
    Read more and keep up a list of what I read along with my opinions. This way I can share what I read with friends
    Learn to knit-Since I am left handed I have difficulty learning from others who are right handed. Any suggestions?
    Actually make something using a power tool – probably with my husband's help, but it will be a fun couple's craft!
    Paint our spare bedrooms. Getting sick of the builder's beige.
    Use up my supplies prior to purchasing new ones for crafts
    Continue to find ways to save money and stick to our budget
    Volunteer and give back more

  2. Allison Murray says

    I love your resolutions (especially focusing on the positive), Donna! We have a lot in common. I'm not sure on the leftie knitting, but I'm thinking about hitting up an evening course for intro knitting I heard about at my county tech center. I've also been told to look for classes at "yarn stores". Best of luck with your resolutions and happy 2013!!

  3. says

    I love that one of your goals is to create a glitter stash – – you're my kinda gal.

    I also got a new Silhouette for Christmas! (My husband actually heard me mentioning how much I wanted one – – which apparently, was more often than I realized.) Eek! I'm so excited. I haven't yet busted mine out of the box yet. I think I'll do it on January 1st!

    Tomorrow, I'm sharing my blogging dreams and goals for the new year. I'd love for you to stop by and check it out! Cheers. -Lauren

  4. Shannon says

    If you need help with your Silhouette, email me! I love mine (gift from last Christmas!) and have used it for so many fun things. A few of my friends and I have started a crafty blog and I hope I'll be able to help others with their machines, even though I'm fairly new at it too. When we get to a point that we actually have content, I'll send you a link! ^__^

  5. says

    So many good resolutions! I am with you on the power tools… I feel like if I learned how to use power tools I could maybe rule the world… Or at least build myself a rustic kitchen table without fear of sawing a hand off or drilling something into my thigh. I'm accident prone. Maybe my resolution this year should be to be less accident prone and generally spacially unaware. Fantastic. Keeping it smoothe in 2013. ;)

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