Most Popular Posts of 2012

Hey, hey! If you’ve been hanging around this piece of internet for a while, thanks so very, very much for your support. If you’re new, welcome!!

I began blogging just before March of this year. Unsure of what would happen, I went ahead and got after it with a design I hated and absolutely no idea what to do and how to go about it. Being hardheaded I just got on with it.

Never did I think that I’d get the amount of support I have within 9 months. For both frequent and casual support and readership, I am truly very grateful. I appreciate every single one of you who logs on, even if it is only to check out a single post. And I’d like to express a very special thanks to those of you who take the time to comment – each time I see a new line has been dropped a happiness I can’t explain takes over me. Thanks so, so much for your support in 2012!!!

Since the year went so well, I thought I’d share my most popular posts of 2012… Click the pic to check out the full DIY!

Super fast & fabulous mouse pad DIY at Dream a Little Bigger

One of my first posts!! Using Mod Podge and fabric to update a nasty mouse pad (which I really want to spell as mousepad) struck a cord with others.

I was super excited to find that my very first shoe tutorial was getting some blog love and being shared on sites I idolize!

Totally custom squishy kitchen rugs tutorial at Dream a Little BiggerRunning along the same lines as the mouse pad DIY, I found that others had odd decor and a need to get crafty to get matchy matchy.

Make cute terrarium pendants on the cheap at Dream a Little Bigger

I found others loved Anthropologie’s terrarium pendants, but others also would rather DIY it than pay Anthro’s price!

Custom dye your embroidery floss for any project with Dream a Little Bigger

In a moment of frustration, I tie dyed my own variegated embroidery floss and found the results to be worth the effort. I was also excited to see my post shared on the blog of one of my favorite embroidery pattern sites.

Super funky apothecary jar tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger

My super funky apothecary jar made its way over to and totally made my month.

Tips and Tricks for Crafters from Dream a Little Bigger

My crafty tips and tricks proved helpful to lots of crafters out there…

finished003 (1)

My organized specs holder became my project most pinned on Pinterest!

finished003 (2)

Lots of crazy cat ladies and dudes were interested in making a homemade scratching post.

Learn how to make granny squares with lots of pictures at Dream a Little Bigger

I received a lot of encouraging emails from those who liked my granny square pictorial.


In a moment of total shock, I learned Bitchin’ Kitchen shared my candy corn kicks. :)

Paint up some faux wing tips with Dream a Little Bigger at Mom Spark

I was super excited to learn that my painted faux oxford tennies were a huge, huge hit over at Mom Spark!

finished003 (3)

A few fell in love with my granny square pillow shams, and others fell in love with my Marla.


Lace lovers decided to go green and cover their tennies as well…

Free cowboy boot stocking pattern at Dream a Little Bigger

Every day since posting, my cowboy Christmas stocking pattern was reached by a handful and became my post most hit by surfers finding me through search engines.


I learned that I’m not the only one who wanted 24k sneakers!


Those are my top posts of 2012. I’m not going to keep you any longer… get your party dress on, bust out the bubbly and say hello to 2013.

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  1. says

    I just recently started following your blog and I love it! As a new blogger myself (7 months in) I know the struggles you went through to get this started! You're a huge inspiration and I always look forward to seeing your posts! Keep up the awesome work! Happy New Year!

  2. Allison Murray says

    Thanks so much, Sasha! I appreciate all of your kind words! I'm checking out your blog and I'm totally digging it :)

  3. Allison Murray says

    Thanks, Robert! I actually don't sell on Etsy though I have been encouraged to by another blogger. I am giving it some thought :)

  4. Janet says

    Have been looking for a fun, variegated style of embroidery thread for an unusual holiday pattern I purchased. Your “frustration” thread would be perfect! Have you a suggestion of where I could purchase the thread in the Western WA area?
    Thanks for your time!

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