Lovely Love Song Playlist for Valentine’s Day (mostly indie)

Not gonna lie, I’m not terribly crazy about the whole Valentine’s Day thing. I think that I’ve heard too many pessimists talking about how it is a “greeting card holiday”. Maybe they’re right and maybe they’re wrong but that doesn’t matter today, because I am terribly crazy about music. So while I’m not too hip on good ol’ V-Day I am really into making playlists (digital mixtapes :)

Not gonna lie again, when I initially made this playlist, it had 62 songs on it. Hearing somewhere about brevity and wit, I decided to pare this baby down. So have a listen to my favorite songs to celebrate the holiday of love. I’ve included my favs with keeping in mind that the day shouldn’t be solely about romance in a traditional sense, but also friendship.

So please enjoy this playlist that features the likes of My Morning Jacket, The White Stripes, Florence and the Machine,  Stevie Wonder and The Moldy Peaches!

what is your favorite love song? I’d love to know! Share in the comments

Want to check out the playlist in Grooveshark? Cool – click here.

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