Killing Time – Bad Lip Reading YouTube Channel

Do you want to laugh? I mean really, really guffawing type of laughter… If you do, I have a YouTube channel that you desperately need to check out.

Bad Lip Reading is just what it sounds like, taking clips from music videos, movies and random television and overdubbing them with the results of some truly, truly awful lip reading.

I watched ‘Jeff Who Lives at Home’ a few weeks back and it was not as happy as I thought it was going to be. I went into it looking for a laugh and finished it up feeling kind of depressed. So when I saw this clip had been redubbed I knew I’d get the chuckles I wanted from the movie! Check it out:

If you dig it and want to see more, including bad lip reading for The Hunger Games, the Twilight sagas head on over there to check it out! Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel

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  1. Allison Murray says

    Hello, Lauren!! I just love how they look so real. They aren't just throwing words up there… The words, while silly, look totally feasible if you watch their mouths!

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