Killing Time – ASAP Science

Sometimes we just want to sit around and waste some time. Whether you’re actually supposed to be doing something else, or in need of staving off boredom, we all have our little treasure troves of time wasters. Today, I’m going to share one of mine!

ASAP Science is a YouTube channel that you can quite literally get lost in for hours. Each video is a short explanation of all things science related to that theme while featuring quaint eraser board animations to keep your eyes interested.

These insanely intelligent fellas cover a wide variety of topics from the science behind a zombie apocalypse, to interestingly enough the science behind productivity (which I guarantee you aren’t experiencing right now). There are also a good handful of tastefully made videos on, shall we say, delicate subject matter, that even a blushing gal such as myself can enjoy.

Here is a great one to check out and see if you’re interested…

Wasn’t that awesome? Head on over to the YouTube Channel, ASAP Science and check out a few videos and kill some time!

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