It’s a Hit! Gold Record Clock DIY


I’ve been intrigued for a while about making my own clocks. I even have a page in my craft ideas journal just for clocks that I think would be nifty to make (even though in most cases I am seriously lacking the skills to actually create my creations in real life). The thing of it is that I had never made a clock before.

So, I decided to do it with the idea that appeared to be simplest on my list. A record clock. There really isn’t any room in my decor for such a thing so I called my sister. “If you had a clock made out of a record would you want it to be a platinum record or a gold record?”. I bet you can guess which she preferred.

So if you’re wanting to get into the world of clock making, also, I think this is a pretty good starting point! For this project you will need: record, clock making kit (available at hobby stores), needle nose pliers, small piece of wood (will help with this bit in the directions).


STEP 1: Find a record that you don’t mind basically ruining. I asked Russell, aka Mr. Record Collector, to pick me up something that wouldn’t be terribly  missed from the music community at the thrift store. Sorry Mr. Humperdink.

STEP 2: Cut a circle out of paper and tape it onto the label (center) portion of the record. Spray paint it with even and fine coats. Allow to dry fully and remove your taping off paper.

STEP 3: This is the most confusing part, at least for me. Since this is the first time I have made a clock, this was the best idea I could come up with – if you know of a better way please share in the comments! Take your clock kit out of the packaging and test it through your record. If I would have put mine together right then, the arms would have stuck out over and inch off the face of the record. It looked pretty dumb. To remedy, I took an approximately 1 inch cutting off of a wooden yard stake and drilled a hole in the center. Put this on top of the clock mechanism before placing the record on top.

STEP 4: Finish up putting your clock together per the directions with the clock kit packaging.

Voila! You may not be a fancy music star, but you can have a gold (or platinum) record on your wall, too!

Happiest of Fridays out there. May your weekend be fantastic and fruitful :)

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