How to Ball Your Yarn

How to Ball Your Yarn

When I wanted to learn how to ball my yarn some years back I had a really hard time finding a resource online showing me how to do it. I had asked my grandmother, my sensi of crochet and she didn’t have a clue. In the end, I wound up getting a book from the library. For real…

It’s not a huge deal and some don’t even like working with balled yarn, but I sure do. It’s a lot of work up front, but in the end it is so, so amazing becaue you never, ever run into a nasty knot in the middle of a piece. Any knots you encounter, you’ll get taken care of while balling the yarn.

How to Ball Your Yarn

I don’t always ball my yarn. On some occasions I get home really excited with my new yarn, color, etc. and, more often than not, I wind up having a mess of yarn at the end that is essentially unusable. Once it breaks the skein shape, with my moving it around and cats diving at the pile it’s a bad situation that only gets worse and worse.

Luckily, balling yarn is quick and easy. My assistant Max a.k.a. Dummy and I will show you how it’s done:

How to Ball Your Yarn

Take your yarn and wrap it around your four fingers as shown above. I tend to go about 10 times around.

How to ball yarn - Dream a Little Bigger

Remove from your fingers and fold in half.

How to ball yarn - Dream a Little Bigger

Wrap your yarn around the middle 5 or 6 times.

How to ball yarn - Dream a Little Bigger

As you turn and continue to wind around, the yarn will begin to form the shape of a ball. Finish through all of your yarn, or if you have several skeins, you can knot in your next and make the ball even larger!

Hope this proves helpful. Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Shauna says

    These pictures and your description crack me up. I don't know how many cats you have but I've got 7 who are all 1 year of age or younger and talk about a fun and painful project when I bring out my crochet. When I'm crocheting an afghan they FIGHT for the spot under the blanket on my lap. Oftentimes I end up with 3 or 4 under there. One of mine looks like Max so it made me laugh even harder seeing his "helpful" little paws in the pics there. Very cute, indeed!

  2. Allison Murray says

    Wow – 7 is really a handful, Shauna! I don't know how you manage to crochet anything at all! My little tortie gal likes to hide and chew on the yarn. I'll keep going and run into a wet part of yarn that just suddenly ends. Sneaky little creature!

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