Great Resources – Learning to Knit


I’ve seen and heard that children make wonderful knitters. That kind of makes me feel like an idiot because I haven’t quite managed it yet. You may have noticed # 3 on my 2013 Resolutions – to learn how to knit. I’m assuming that since children can do it that I will be able to work it out eventually.

Since learning to knit is pretty daunting (I’m getting this from other envious non-knitters like myself) I decided to do what I do best. Research the heck out of it. My research pointed me to obvious resources as well as a few that I might not have thought of on my own. Plus I pooled from personal past obtaining the other crafty skills in my repertoire.

Head on over to Mom Spark to see the pooled resources for learning to knit. Each and everyone costs between free and cheap. Also, be sure to also check out some great reader tips down in the comments!Get on over there and check it out! Learning How to Knit (at Mom Spark).

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