From Plain Jane to Perfect! Easy Restyle for Cheapie Sunglasses!


I know you know that I have a thing for shoes. Now I’ll let you in on another little secret… I also have a thing for sunglasses. A serious thing, actually. It started because I was constantly losing sunglasses when I worked in marketing. I’d have to go somewhere and run in and I’d leave them behind and they’d never be seen again. That taught me two things. Why spend money on a pair of expensive sunglasses when I can use that same amount of money to buy 10 pairs? And… don’t sweat it when I lose a pair of sunglasses because they were cheap!


Even though I now work from home and don’t lose sunglasses like I used to I still have a bunch of cheap pairs. So when I saw some Plain Jane sunnies that were meant specifically to be DIYed and only cost a couple of bucks, I snatched them up. Later I ran into these too cute white bow cabochons. Together, they equal super easy and super cute sunglasses that you can make yourself and with any cabs you please!


There really isn’t a tutorial for this because that would be really silly. Seriously… buy some sunglasses, glue and something to glue on them. Then, glue those objects onto the glasses. Totally unnecessary. However, I only have one reminder because I almost forgot when I started.

I wanted my glasses to have the bows span the hinge area and basically cover it up. If you want to be able to close your sunglasses again, only put glue on the half of the cab that is going onto the ear piece part (I have no idea what it is technically called – like none).


That’s it for today. Hope your Monday is a fun day!

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