Fantastically Shabby Chic


There are only three rooms in the entire world that I can sleep well in. The first is my bedroom here in my own home. The second and third are my bedrooms at my Momma and Daddy’s house and at my Mimmie’s house. I dread staying at hotels. It’s apparently a neat thing for a lot of people and I just cannot understand that.

There’s another bedroom in this house. The guest room. I tried to sleep in there once when there was an electricity issue, leaving that as the only room in the house with power. It didn’t work out and I slept in my hot as Hades bedroom.

This has gotten me thinking. My guest room is kind of an amalgam of what’s been left over. The framed pictures are old and not particularly attractive,  the table is one that used to be in the living room and didn’t care much for then, the lamp is a pretty dark green tiffany lamp that matches nothing.

Guests never complain, but it’s kind of depressing. When I’m staying in somebody’s guest room, it has to be cozy for me to have even the slightest chance of actually sleeping there. Which is why  I’m redoing my guest room. I’m thinking that shabby chic is the most comfortable look ever and that’s what I’m going for. It’s a huge departure from my usual design aesthetic, but I’m really excited about taking it on.

Check out my favorite shabby chic DIY posts I have found online. Help me decide which to incorporate!!!

Shabby Chic Frame DIY at Lee lalaOver at Lee lala, Lindsay has shared a tutorial for understated shabby chic photo frames. I love how simple these frames look. It’s like shabby chic that isn’t trying too hard!

Coral Bookends at Match Made on HudsonThere is no question about it… These bookends from Match Made on Hudson are so happening. I just have to find coral!!! I never would have put coral and shabby chic together. Charlie’s owner, Liz, has got some serious creativity!

Shabby Flower Pillow at burlap + blue

I have seen an awful lot of ideas for pillows in shabby room. The thing is, I haven’t really been over inspired by any of them. I do love this flower pillow from burlap + blue. I think that I’d use muslin and leave the edges raw for a little extra texture.



Floral Antlers from Sparks in SpringThis is another definitely happening craft for the guest room. It’s fun, quirky and in theme and I fell in love with it over at Sparks in Spring. I guess that I’ll need to go fake floral, but then again maybe I’ll replace for guests. Everyone loves having fresh flowers in their bedroom, right?

mason jar planter

If you’re into shabby chic and you haven’t been to Shanty 2 Chic yet, you really  need to get over there. I had a really hard time choosing which of the sister duo’s projects to include here. In the end, I went with these mason jars turned planters. I love, love, love this.

clay petal vase

This vase is sensational, isn’t it? Censtational Girl, Kate, knocks this one out of the park. I’m really, really new to clay and very, very intimidated by it. This DIY makes me thing I could do it, though. A vase like this would look so great next to my faux milk glass!!!

Here are some of my other favorites!

Crazy Cute Photo Display at Emmaline Bride

A Table Made of Old Shutters at Good Housekeeping

A Pendant Light from a Trash Can at Crafty Butt

Trendy Wall Stars from Cardboard at The Glue Gun Girl

Rag Valance at One Good Thing by Jillee

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