Doodle Tea Mug Valentine Gift & Tea Lovers Roundup

Tea Lovers Roundup via Dream a Little Bigger

This Valentine’s Day I decided to make a really easy, personalized and cheap gift for a tea lover. The idea struck when I realized how many cute sayings could have “tea” swapped out with them and be uber cute. “You are my sweet tea”. “You fit me to a tea”.  My little tea gift set DIY is hanging out over at Mom Spark for you to check out.

If you’re not in the market to start DIYing, you still have plenty of time to purchase a premade gift set. I’ve taken this opportunity to make a roundup of my favorite tea gift sets, perfect for your tea lovin’ honey!


Tea Lovers Roundup via Dream a Little Bigger

Now I’ve never tried flowering tea myself, but I have to tell you that I really, really want to. This set comes with a 16 ounce glass teapot and 6 flowering blossoms good for 18 pots of tea. Now what’s really neat is as the tea steeps, it blossoms. And look at that box it comes in. That is a killer freakin’ box. The Numi Flowering Tea Set is organic and all natural and sells for around $25.

Tea Lovers Roundup via Dream a Little Bigger

This tea set features both the exciting flowering tea but also has some loose tea included. The teapot is considerably larger than the other set at 40 ounces. The Primula Flowering Tea Set also sells for around $25.


Tea Lovers Roundup via Dream a Little Bigger

For every day drinking, Bigelow is my absolute favorite. There isn’t a flavor that I’ve ever tried that I haven’t loved. Plus, this tea box is absolutely to die for and could be reused as a lovely jewelry box. It holds eight different flavors that are more traditional and has my two very favorites from Bigelow orange & spice and English tea time. The Bigelow Tea Chest typically costs around $50.

Tea Lovers Roundup via Dream a Little Bigger

I’ve had the pleasure of having a Wissotzky tea set before and I really enjoyed it. While a bit more expensive than other tea boxes, this one is Kosher and does not have metal staples in the bags and is set in an attractive tea box. It not only has your traditional black teas, but also  has some interesting blends including lemon, cherry, raspberry, wildberry nectar, chamomile. The Wissotzky Magi Tea Box set sells for around $40.

for the In-Betweener

Tea Lovers Roundup via Dream a Little Bigger

Would your love like something that isn’t exactly traditional, but perhaps isn’t quite as adventurous as the blooming tea type? I think this set would be just the ticket! Held in cute and on trend little metal tins, you’ll find 9 flavoris including sencha green, genmaicha green, china green, peppermint, chamomile, rooibos, berry burst, chocolate mint and white. The Heavenly Tea Leaves Sampler comes in a simple cardboard box and runs around $45.

Makin’ Tea

Tea Lovers Roundup via Dream a Little Bigger

This Cuisinart tea kettle is a fine pot that will last a good, long time. Plus it will go with almost any kitchen decor. Normally it sells for around $80 which you may balk at if you’ve never purchased a good heavy duty kettle, but right now it is selling for around $20 (which may change any time).

Tea Lovers Roundup via Dream a Little Bigger

I tried to convince my father to get my mother a Keurig for Christmas. He responded that Momma doesn’t drink coffee. Unfortunately I was unable to get across all of the types of hot (and cold) beverages you can make with one of these handy babies. Hot Apple Cider (life changing), Earl Grey Tea, Hot Chocolate, Iced Coffee there really is a great selection…

I’ve had one in my kitchen for 3 years or so now and it is a game changer. Plus, when the first one went bad about a year and a half in, they sent me a brand new on for free. That, my friend, is what customer service should be across the board. A Keurig will sell for around $150 and are worth every penny.

Not a Tea Lover 

And if your sweetie doesn’t dig hot beverages why not give something hot in another way?

Tea Lovers Roundup via Dream a Little Bigger

A bit on the pricey side, but for $269 (on sale) you can get your love a Kindle Fire, baby! :) Hope you find something hot for your hottie no matter your price point. Happy Hump Day!

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