Colorful Mason Jar Tutorial at Mom Spark!

Make colorful mason jars with Mod Podge at Mom Spark

I’ve been working so hard to make my office/craft room livable and workable. I’m really embarrased to say that it has not be easy at all. To help alleviate the problem, there is an ungodly amount of blue transluscent plastic stacked from floor to ceiling and crammed with all sorts of crafty goodness.

My stash includes everything from the normal – glitter to the odd – the feet for my bed frame that I don’t use because they make my bed too tall BUT they just might come in handy for some crafty thing some day.

Since everything I have doesn’t warrant the amount of space a tub takes up, I’ve started working on a compact, green and inexpensive method for little bits and bobs like googly eyes.

Head on over to Mom Spark to check out my DIY for creating bright, gorgeous colored jars!

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