Chevron Moss Pumpkin at Mom Spark

This DIY pumpkin is a surprising pop of green for your Autumn decorations. Chevron Moss Pumpkin Tutorial

Moss stinks. I guess because it's a natural thing or whatever but it doesn't smell good. Every time I open up a package of it I'm startled by the smell. I mean, when will I learn? But the thing is, out of that little plastic bag and moss starts to lose its smell a bit. Which is why I'm all for crafting up with the stank stuff! And in bringing a bit of green to my traditional orange and brown fall decor, I've decided that it's looks great. I'm surprisingly pleased with the results and I … [Continue reading]

Funky Lamp Refashion


Hello! Its RaChil from The Cwafty Blog here again and this week we're gonna get a little funky... By refashioning this awesome metal leaf lamp I found at goodwill for $2. Its such an interesting shape and I love the bare-bones outline of a lamp coupled with the falling leaves motif. Its clearly an autumn lamp which is why I went with orange and red for the new colors. If you want to see how to funk-ify a lamp of your own, check out how I refashioned mine … [Continue reading]

Cable Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Add fun texture to your crochet pieces with only single and double crochets! Check out the Cable Crochet Stitch! Pictorial and video tutorial!

I like crochet stitches that look way fancier than they really are. For example, this cable crochet stitch is about the closest thing I know that looks kind of like a knitted cable. I guess I should use "kind of" loosely. But there's no doubt that the cable crochet stitch is one awesome way to introduce texture into your crochet pieces. And all you need to know are the single and double crochet stitches to rock it. Truly!  Grab the hook and yarn of your choice and let's get on down with it, … [Continue reading]

Seahorse App Photo Sharing on the Fly

Check out the Seahorse app where you can share pics with friends and family and they can share right back with you!

I am the family photographer. It might have happened when my sister was pregnant with my oldest nephew. Documenting what was going on from behind the camera was about the best I could do. I tried to be there for her during the actual birth, but the doctor asked me to leave. I was quite happy about that. But after he came into this world I snapped pictures like nothing you've ever seen... There are probably just as many photos of this kid as there are any Hollywood celebrity. I. Snapped. All. … [Continue reading]

DIY Flower Votive Tutorial

Make gorgeous flower votives from nothing but paper and scissors with Ama from Ohoh Blog!

Hello Dream a Little Bigger readers! I’m Ama from Ohoh blog, happy to meet you. I’m a new contributor on DALB, so once a month I will propose you an original DIY. Let start today with a cute flower votive. I’m sure you have some of those glass votives store somewhere in your house. With just a few items, you can customize them into beautiful centerpieces flowers. Supplies: Color paper Glass votive pen scissors compass tape glue Step 1: Put the votive on the sheet and draw … [Continue reading]

Cross Stitch Inspired Crafts

Cross Stitch Inspired Crafts Roundup | Midsommarflicka for Dream A Little Bigger

Hello! Midsommarflicka's here again. With a little trip back the memory lane … at least for me. I think the first and last time I did some cross stitching was in primary school. We had to stitch our initial letter and my grandma helped me. It didn't looked to bad in the end! Can't remember that I ever did it again. Although I really like the look. I like it even more when it's not really stitched but inspired by it and a bit unexpected. This is why I collected a few cross stitch inspired crafts … [Continue reading]