Lace, Pearl and Rhinestone Watch DIY

This totally simple watch DIY is totally stunning! In love with the lace, pearls and rhinestones!

So I spied this watch face at Hobby Lobby and I was all about it. I instantly knew that I wanted more rhinestones, pearls and lace. To be honest, what I wound up doing isn't what I saw in my head, but what I saw in my head just wouldn't work out in real life. Sometimes that happens and you've just got to roll with it. My initial plan had been to use a bunch of different things and make the strap quite bulky. But in the end, I think I like this thin and simple strap quite a bit better. It … [Continue reading]

Almost 20 Fabulous Summer Seafood Recipes

Check out almost 20 amazing summer seafood recipes!

Thanks so much to Foodie for sponsoring this roundup of some amazing summer seafood recipes! To be honest, I love seafood absolutely any time of year. But for some reason, when the weather is crazy hot, seafood just really hits the spot for me. It's so light and fresh and doesn't give you that heavy gut that, say, a big burger might give you. Yep, give me a salad with a cold piece of salmon, a nice cod burger or grilled just about anything from the sea (or freshwater). And so, to … [Continue reading]

Link It or Lump It #48


There are LOTS and LOTS of big changes going on up in here! First off you may have noticed that there is a new contributor here to Dream a Little Bigger. I'm so stoked that the always lovely Sasha from Tattooed Martha has jumped on board! Check out her very first post, Blackberry Mojitos now and be sure to come back second and fourth Friday of the month for even more of Sasha's tasty goodness! Also, you may have noticed that the link party has grown considerably! I hope that you'll join me with … [Continue reading]

DIY Glitter Nail Polish

Make your own DIY glitter nail polish in any color for cheap. Seriously the BEST glitter polish I've ever tried!!!

At some point I've started biting my nails again. I don't know when it happened or why but it's probably stress that's the culprit here. I've been chewing on my digits for as long as I can remember. As a kid that nasty stuff that tastes like all heck was applied to my fingers in hopes that would stop me. That's when I started chewing on the skin around my fingers. I was told that it was my reaction to stress and upset and at some point simply became a habit. And habits are hard to break. But … [Continue reading]

Chic Bathroom Counters & a Clean Mouth!

Chic Bathroom Counters & a Clean Mouth!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Listerine for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I have this weird thing about dental hygiene. After every single meal I try to brush my teeth if it is at all possible. Otherwise I just feel way too grody. Remember that word? It totally epitomizes the way I feel when I haven't been able to brush my teeth for a few hours. In fact, I'd have to say that one of my favorite things in the world is that slick, clean feeling your teeth … [Continue reading]

Blackberry Mojito

Check out this fab cocktail recipe for a blackberry mojito using Sailor Jerry from Tattooed Martha. It's SO good!

Hello Dream A Little Bigger readers! I’m Sasha from Tattooed Martha. I feel extremely honored to become a contributor here and twice a month I’ll be providing you healthy home-cooked recipes, original cocktails, and of course the occasional sweet tooth splurge! I thought I would start things off with a delicious mojito using fresh blackberries and mint. Since blackberries are at their peak right now, their flavor is perfect for this cocktail! … [Continue reading]