Simple DIY Vase & Decorating with Branches

Isn't it amazing how gorgeous decorating with branches can make a home?

When I think of spring in Oklahoma I think of three things. Pollen and the allergies that come with it. Redbud blooms. Bradford Pear blooms. And since I'd been seeing the redbuds in full bloom I got such a hankering to bring them into my home like you cannot believe. So Russell and I grabbed the nippers and went for a drive. And since my simple glass vase seemed, well, too simple for these magnificent blooms, I thought I'd fancy it up just a bit. Because decorating with branches is … [Continue reading]

Sweet Chambray Sneakers Tutorial

Love! Polka dotted chambray sneakers. And they're cheap!

It should be no surprise that I love sneakers. The cheaper, the better. That way I can do my thing to them and if my thing is an epic craft fail, well, that's just how the ball bounces. When I saw these cutie chambray sneakers at Walmart for $5.87  a pair or something I was so excited that I bought some right away. Well, okay, so I kind of went on a trip and forgot to bring any of my luggage. I did remember to bring my laptop and my camera so I guess it's all about priorities. That first … [Continue reading]

Spring Cleaning – Bright and Colorful Canisters Tutorial

Spring Cleaning - Bright and Colorful Canisters Tutorial

Something happened the other day. I realized just how messy my home has become with all of this blogging brouhaha. My Mimmie says I'm being ridiculous and that anything that takes my mind off of the things an OCD does to a person (like cleaning the baseboards twice a week like I used to) is a good thing for me. And that my "filthy" is equivalent to other people's "need to pick up a bit". But one thing that I just cannot abide letting slide (ooh, that rhymed!) is organization. Mostly … [Continue reading]

Link It or Lump It #34


  My little world has been overrun by little boys! Yep, my two super cute nephews have been keeping me busy and running all around town. We've hit the science museum and gotten super crafty among other fun things, which you'd already know about if you followed me on Instagram. And if you don't, you can  head on over and toss me a follow by clicking this link right here.  And since I've been so busy, that's all I have to say about anything this week so let's move on to those awesome … [Continue reading]

DIY Game Table from Who Knows What

Proof that you don't have to know what something is to turn it into something useful and awesome. DIY Game Table.

I like going to my sister's house. True I can't seem to sleep worth a darn but I love my family. It's the place where we all go to congregate because everybody goes to the one who has the youngest children. Or any children in this instance. It's a good time. Except when your dad drives off and leaves you and your sister alone with some pillows, a statue and a gigantic painting out in a less than ideal part of town to hang out to watch illicit act-ivies and wonder where in the heck he is. But … [Continue reading]

The Internet is Awesome #2


  1. We could all learn a thing or two about attitude from this kid, who has a wicked high five, by the way...   2. The Pyura Chilensis looks like organs inside of a rock. And people eat it. via    3. On less nasty edible news, this blob is actually edible water. via    4. And speaking of blobs, you can play with this total cutie of one.  And see an X-ray version to see how the program works behind the scenes! (hit refresh to change the … [Continue reading]