Strawberry Sriracha Swirl Margaritas

Sriracha and Strawberry? Get out! Have to try this fab looking margarita!

I can’t resist the sweet and spicy combo when it comes to cocktails and this particular mix has been on my “must make” list for quite some time. Sriracha is my go-to accoutrement for just about everything. Pizza, chili, sauces, and of course.. cocktails. Pairing it with the sweetness of seasonal strawberries makes for a refreshing end-of-the-summer cocktail with a much needed kick! … [Continue reading]

Trim a Sim Card from Standard to Mini


I can tell you exactly how many cell phones I've had in my lifetime. The first one I got when I was a freshman in college and it was a blue/clear Nokia boxy thing that I thought was the total  bees knees. I was absolutely nuts about that thing. After that I've had a handful of phones but not that many, really. Rather than upgrade and upgrade I tend to wear them clean out. I had a Blackberry with a track ball that I taped back together because the little piece of plastic that held the … [Continue reading]

Neat and Unexpected Office Storage

Neat & Unexpected Office Storage Roundup | Midsommarflicka for Dream A Little Bigger

Hello! Midsommarflicka here, bringing you antoher batch of fun ideas for your home! Let's face it: Desks are never ever the prettiest place in your home. Or only for five minutes after cleaning it. Altthough I know this I'm still excited to stumble upon neat and unexpected storage solutions. And I try to tell myself that my desk will be better organized if I only craft another fun storage solution. Sure thing! (Please remember to pin the individual ideas from the original site!) This … [Continue reading]

DIY Flower Window Boxes

DIY Flower Window Boxes

I have loved window boxes for as long as I've been a homeowner. But I've had quite a few totally different experiences with them. First I had some wire ones that had a mossy sort of mesh liner inside. By the end of spring that mesh stuff had bugs all in it. It was disgusting and awful. The next experience were wood window boxes purchased from a home store. These guys were awesome for about two years before the bottoms rotted out of them. And when I added up just how expensive this junk was … [Continue reading]

Homemade Green Tea Cooling Mist

Super easy recipe for a COOLING green tea mist (green tea is GREAT for the skin!)

I keep seeing things about summer winding down and getting things ready for fall, but here I certainly can't feel the changing of the seasons because it's freaking hot. It's the kind of sticky heat that makes you feel disgusting within minutes of setting foot out of the front door, even if you JUST showered. And so after a while I got tired of it. And since I've been using this stuff like crazy I thought I'd share my little recipe with you. So if you, like me,  have sweat rolling in … [Continue reading]

Link It or Lump It #51


Still renovating my house, still moving to another state, still blogging with the best of 'em. I did get featured at CraftGossip this weekend which was awesome and am getting crazy hits off of Apartment Therapy (though I cannot figure out from where!) so that's pretty cool! Scarf Week was awesome and I really enjoyed crafting along with Vanessa from Tried & True, Thalita from The Learner Observer and Lauren from The Thinking Closet. Thanks again, gals! If you missed the series check out the … [Continue reading]